I'm sorry I had to leave you alone.

The longer you wait, the harder it's going to be to do it.


Look, there's my mother.

I'd do anything for him.

Did you use a condom?


Tell him I'm in a meeting.

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I never learned his real name.

We have a right to work here.

I'll pray for her.

Murat never told me he was married.

You can bring a date if you want.


We took the elevator down to the basement.

Is that what everybody wants?

Obviously, his companions were jealous of his wealth.


I'm sure I can find something for you to do.

Do you like the same things that Francisco does?

Oliver quietly knocked on the door.

He is wanting in common sense.

You put too much stuff in your wallet.


Handsome women age far better than pretty women.

I don't want to hear any more of your complaining.

What have you got to lose?

What's my assignment?

Toronto mayor Rob Ford admitted to having smoked crack.

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Seymour stayed in his room all day.


Christian has been very tolerant.

I would like to, but I have a previous appointment.

I'll get rid of her.

The tropical sun glared down relentlessly.

Starbuck sneaked into the room.

I can't believe she did that!

She has red hair, so they gave her the nickname "Carrot".

I am praying.

Who was killed?


I'm still not sure what we're looking for.

We'll meet at 3:00 p.m.

I'm quite certain that's the truth.

The White House worries that the crisis could escalate.

Can I touch this one too?


A confidence man can talk his way into a girl's trust with ease.

We could not continue our journey for lack of money.

I suggest you study a little harder.

The country's main social problem is poverty.

She was sick in bed yesterday.

Show your cards.

The story is not in accord with the facts.

He was caught stealing rations at the kitchen.

I told Vidhyanath exactly what I saw.


Gabriel stepped inside.

Would you please be quiet?

Isn't this Central Driving School?

Volunteers are always welcome.

Ole and Sriram were talking about the weather.

Where was Luke tortured?

I've already made that mistake.

Linder is going to be ready in just a minute.

Bob seldom writes to his parents.


She plays beach volleyball.


What's your rush?

Everyone hurried outside.

Kyu used to be a professional baseball player.

I don't like the sound of my own voice.

I'm not sure anyone can help.


What is your preferred pronoun?

You're taking too much.

We are apt to watch TV, irrespective of what program is on.

Hsuan says he'll never ever leave Jeffie.

I thought Tai would pass the test.

Belinda lives with Vern like a dog and a cat.

It's not really that relaxing.

We're not amused.

What're you doing in my office?

Doyle says that's a lie.

Cyrus isn't mad at us.

Opportunities like this don't come along every day.

There must be someone behind this affair.

Let's wrap up this work now and go out drinking.

How would you feel?

Kevyn explained to Ravindranath that dolphins were peaceful animals.

The subject of a sentence is usually a person or a thing performing the action shown by the verb.

I'm really looking forward to Dominic's visit.

That professor is an authority on mathematics.

I'd really love to meet Milner.

Ten years is a long time.

I won't be responsible for my actions.

I know him only by name.

Don't speak ill of others.

What else do you know about Mat?

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This mouse was killed by my cat.

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Werner told me he was different from all the other guys.

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I did the best I could.

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Tiefenthal didn't look as bored as Chet.


You'd better sit down, I suppose.

I was just about to go out, when the bell rang.

Let Gretchen relax.


Every beloved object is the center point of a paradise.


I was hoping to raise my kids in Boston.

Can you please go get it?

I thought Eduardo said he didn't want to get married.

I could never do that to her.

Sectarian violence is an unwelcome reality for the city's population.

Cynthia knows he can count on Nichael.

I gave it up after my father had given me a good scolding.


Did you ask Toby out?

Can somebody open the door please?

He finished the bulk of his work before dinner.

Corey isn't going to stay.

I would have failed but for his kind help.

It's important to me what you think of Mechael.

Jelske was kept waiting for a long time.

Ping said that he wasn't angry.

Don't be too haughty, for hell awaits below.

The fact remains that he is guilty.

That's what you've wanted all along, isn't it?

It is ten years since I came to Tokyo.

I don't wanna know this.


He has some grave defects, but I think he is a great scholar all the same.

You've got to respect him.

Can you replace Clayton?

I thought they were terrible.

In my opinion, you should take the exam again.


He was afraid of the dark.

I won't be home next Sunday.

I don't think Sho will want to go to the zoo with us.

The army had no men near Harpers Ferry.

Old is relaxing on his bunk.

Half of what Manjeri says isn't true.

I want to talk to him alone.

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Guide dogs help blind people.

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She died of shock.

He's not an idiot.

I'm very grateful for your support.

Are those for me?

I think Sugih knows something the rest of us don't.

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Shel had already bought his ticket by the time I arrived.

Shirley hurt his knee.

I told Toft that I wouldn't help him.

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I explained why we had to do it.

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You have an infectious disease.

I told you never to call me again.

How long are you going to be here?

I haven't spoken to Jean yet.

This one's for you, Antony.


She was looking forward to playing table tennis with him.

Norman can show you.

I'll never get used to this.

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What's going to happen tonight?

We haven't been on a date yet.

She lives alone in this room.

He would accept no compromise.

My friend has dark and suicidal thoughts and I don't know how I can help her.

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This is exactly the book that I want to read.

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When was the last time you baked a cake?


Soon there will be summer vacation.


There are fresh tracks in the snow.


Cynthia's a nice guy. Everyone likes him.


We made friends with Jane.


Renu is really serious, isn't he?

The puppy grew larger and larger every day.

I haven't seen Bill for a long time.

Where do you study?

Yesterday I put the gifts in the attic, and today I put them under the bed.