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I don’t like labels but there it is – I am a pre-existing condition. Yesterday, #Iamapreexistingcondition began trending on twitter and this morning, it is still going strong. I didn’t plan on getting MS. There is no explanation for why or how this happened. No one in my family has MS. I gave up asking… 702-804-6417

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"Hello Lover" she practically purred as she looked through the store front window. Carrie Bradshaw liked her shoes… no, loved her shoes. I can admit that, like many women in their 40's, I loved Sex and the City and as Carrie did, I did. I will also admit that I was never a huge fan… (714) 407-4844

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I think I am pretty good at reading people, especially when they are lying. There will always be a "tell" - the nervous laughter, some weird twitching, fiddling with their jewelry, running their damn mouth... I could go on. You would think that I would be deadly at a poker table but for the life… Continue reading Honesty

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Dear MS

Dear MS, How. Dare. You. You crash my party and then you end up being that asshole staying past closing time. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that someone like me would have to deal with someone like you. Instead of introducing yourself in a polite manner such as “greetings, my name… Continue reading Dear MS

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One of the things that I absolutely dread is when I have to deal with my specialty pharmacy. With such an unpredictable disease, this is one of the rare things that is consistently predictable. This is not a “bing, bang, boom” process for refilling my MS med. It’s more like a “bing… bing… bam… bing…… Continue reading The “Specialty” Pharmacy

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“Make any new year’s resolutions?” the cashier practically sang as she began scanning my groceries. I was caught off guard, having deep thoughts, wondering if my cat had gotten into the defrosting meat on the kitchen counter at home. She grabbed my adult diapers and added “I need these! My resolution was to drink more… Continue reading Resolutions

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The Snow Blower

I love it when my husband spoils me. There it was, parked in my driveway - a shiny… new… bright red… (pauses for dramatic effect) … snow blower! I told him that the only thing missing was the gigantic red bow you see in the holiday car commercials for Lexus. Who says romance is dead?… 3344741081

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A Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving

Of course, I didn’t sleep well last night. I check my “Fit Bit” app and see that I slept a whole 5 hours and 6 minutes. At least I am consistent. This is going to be a long day. Because I tend to wake up the ass crack of dawn, I have time to reflect… Continue reading A Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving

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Falling Hard

Anyone that grew up in the 80’s should remember the Life Call commercial where the woman yells - “I’ve fawlin’ and I can’t get up!” /www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQlpDiXPZHQ It’s one of those weird catch phrases that goes through my head when I hit the dirt. I am used to tripping or stumbling but then there are the… 202-489-1274

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Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Summer used to be my favorite time of the year. You would probably agree if you were to see my diverse flip flop collection. I was always the first one out at the pool, soaking up the rays because, like any true southern belle, I was raised to believe that tanned fat is better than… Continue reading Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall