We provide expertise in all major areas of software development, offering our clients a full range of IT professional services – from consultancy and migration of legacy systems to new platforms, to development of advanced enterprise, web-based & mobile applications.

Custom Applications

We build enterprise-grade custom software that will scale with your business and support your long-term goals. We can make your business more efficient by automating key business processes, upgrade your legacy applications and bring your mission-critical enterprise applications towards a modern IT age — We have the expertise to make your most complex projects succeed.

Web Development

We build web projects using a wide range of platforms, development frameworks, programming languages, and tools. Based on our extensive experience, technology expertise, and industry trends, we offer you both front-end and back-end web development services to produce powerful and secure state-of-the-art web applications – from high-loaded enterprise portals to e-commerce websites.

Mobile Development

We offer mobile application development services by taking advantage of the most advanced mobile technologies to create dynamic, customized, and user-focused cross-platform mobile applications. From startups to large enterprises – we build mobile apps for customers of different sizes, and from all major industries; providing them with operational and competitive advantage.

DevOps Services

Shipping software is hard and shipping software fast is even harder. We can help you ship software fast by build continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) systems using the latest industry-proven technologies. Having efficient build automation pipelines will allow you to innovate faster and make better products.

UX & UI Design

Great user experience makes all the difference. We offer prototyping, UI and UX design services for web and mobile products. Our approach is simple: we focus on how actual people will use your products. We shape the UX through research, data and content analysis.


We provide expertise in all major areas of software development, offering our clients a full range of IT professional services – from consultancy and migration of legacy systems to new platforms, to development of advanced enterprise, web-based & mobile applications.

Big Data

Our big data architects, engineers, and consultants can help you navigate the big data world, and create a reliable, scalable solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing data infrastructure. We’ll help you assess your needs, design your architecture, and build, deploy, and manage your solution–ensuring you get more from your data.

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Streamline and automate your operations with connected devices. Collect and analyze large quantities of data from your interconnected devices or run real-time queries to foresee outages and prevent them with predictive maintenance.

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Futuristic but practical in use, virtual reality adds a new digital dimension to your business. Use VR for pitch-perfect prototyping without the usual costs. Surprise your customers in retail with VR installations in your customer journeys. Virtual/Augmented reality is the next step in the digital evolution that allows your enterprise to do more than it ever could and spend less simultaneously.

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Cloud Computing

Shifting to cloud solutions improves the mobility of your business and reduces cycle times, allowing you to make changes to your software faster and safer. Moreover, cloud provides unparalleled opportunities for business automation and creating access to supply chains via mobile devices.

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How we work

We collaborate closely with our clients at each step of the development process. From designing the UX to developing the front-end and architecting the back-end.


High Quality Code

We have deep understanding of software engineering & computer science and we know what it takes to write high-quality, performant and maintainable code. Clean, readable, robust code is something we strive for.

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Continuous Delivery

Deploying new code to production should not take weeks. We know how to build pipelines that allow code changes to be pushed to different cloud environments automatically. Deploying to production is as easy as pressing a button.

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Modern DevOps

We like a "release early, release often" philosophy and to achieve this we use modern DevOps tools like Docker. But DevOps is not only about development and operations, it is also about quality. Automated testing is part of our continuous delivery process, deploying code with a high confidence level

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Code Reviews

“Two Heads are Better Than One”. Code reviews are integrated part of our process which makes catching bugs early before they event get merged into the code. We make sure each change is reviewed by multiple people before shipping it to the production environment.

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UX Research

We know it takes more than just an user video or a survey to understand your user experience. We improve UX by watching how real customers interact with your interface (websites, mobile devices, prototypes). The research generates actionable findings to redesign your site or application.

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Unit & Integration Testing

Unit and integration testing are vital parts of the testing process. Having automated unit & integration tests is the key prerequisite for writing high-quality code at a fast pace.

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We understand that technology is just a tool. The proper technology will help drive the success of your business and support your long-term goals. These are the technologies we work with on a daily basis.


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