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Software Development

Using programming languages such as PHP, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, SQL, .NET and various technologies such as ADOBE FLASH, J2EE, STRUTS, GWT, SEAM, TAPESTRY, SPRING, HIBERNATE we ensure the linkage between business objectives and results and deliver a very large range of software solutions.

Software Implementation and Testing

Correct and flawless implementation of our software solutions is part of our job. We ensure full integrated solutions to our clients. Understanding that each business environment has its own particularities,we are a one-stop-shop for software solutions (we design, develop and implement).

Software Applications

Software applications we develop are characterized through scalability, innovative data transfers protocols, porting to mobile OS browsers and especially, flexibility. Type of apps we develop are games, mobile marketing, commerce, instant messaging, classified ads, loyalty systems.


Consultancy Services

We give consultancy a significant importance along the development and implementation of the project, as well as in the monitoring stage with a view of understanding the market and your needs and providing the absolute best solutions for your business.


Database Monetisation

Online businesses are all about their data - by gaining access to our Database Monetisation solution, you ensure that all your data is collected, organized and ready to be put to your business' use. You'll never have to worry about wasting such resource again.


Traffic Optimization Technology

Our state-of-the art technology provides specific traffic optimization solutions for your business. By putting our best software developers at work, we make sure that your business gets as much traffic as possible, ensuring a cozy revenue to you.


We are a truly international company, with offices all around the world.

More about our services

We are a team of dedicated and specialized people, aiming to develop and implement the most innovative software solutions, in order to grow businesses. This is, in just a couple of words, who we are and what we do. We have a very nice mission and that is to be a comprehensive provider of top-ranked software solutions, including analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. We work with the latest technologies and have implemented a series of tools through which we put our client-centric approach into motion. Until now, we have successfully executed tens of projects in a very large range of industries and client business types. We have clearly defined a new dimension of top-quality solutions, surpassing client expectations. We have developed state-of-the-art software solutions that made clients recommend us to their business partners.

We summarize the strategy through four core business objectives:

► Consolidating our leading position through continuous technology development and innovation
► Keeping up to date with newest trends in the business by participating in conferences
and professional training sessions
► Maximizing challenges and business opportunities through outstanding software solutions
► Continuously grow our team’s expertise and knowledge
► Continuing to be the trustworthy partner for our client

In a nutshell, your benefits of working with us are:

► Software solutions which make the difference
► First class specialists
► Long lasting partnerships
► Excellent understanding of business needs
► Client-centered approach
► Efficient communication
► Secure and trusted worldwide top-ranked services
The strategy we have designed for our business is as clear and easy to follow as possible. Using technology and innovation as our stepping stone, we have gathered a team of people with a broad knowledge and expertise, defining our way in developing custom software solutions. In our everyday work, we seek for performance and client satisfaction, which we ensure through our team, portfolio and flexibility.


Correct and flawless implementation of the software solutions we develop is also part of our job. We ensure full integrated solutions to our clients. Understanding that each business environment has particularities, Lesford is a one-stop-shop for software solutions (we design, develop and implement). We want to minimize the risks of inappropriate implementation, so we have developed the necessary tools to be able to adapt to any technological particularities and platforms. In terms of testing, we have also a set of tools which allow us to do any sort of test: system cleaning, automated testing, bug tracking, test case management, document control, database synchronization and many more.


► We get in contact with the client
► We invite the clients to an introduction meeting, during which we provide more information about us and our expertise
► Together with the clients, we both sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)
► We collect the business overview and requirements from the client and deliver our first feedback
► Together with the clients, we establish next steps, actions, communication tools and protocols
► We start the project and then implement it

Simple business relationship model


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