We have to try this.

Amarth says that she can see ghosts.


You should know better now you are eighteen.

She always turns a deaf ear to my advice.

The conductor corrects what the interpreter says.

They may come back.

Don't touch me, you pig!

I do not have an account in these forums.

He dealt me a blow in the face.


I don't associate with Mr. Tanaka any more.

Don't you feel happy and relaxed?

Griff looked at his cards and smiled.

She was very agitated at the news of her lover's death.

Sorrel was skiing with his father when the accident happened.

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You should have seen the picture.

He only takes candid pictures, so he doesn't ask people to pose.

They can't hurt me.


The two teams were tied at the finish.

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I don't have a lot of time. Can you take care of it?

I can't do any more than that.

Kitty was doing pretty well.

Merton regrets the decision he made late last night.

Bernard looked down at his feet.

I guess something is better then nothing, right?

The opposite of easy is difficult.

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If you decide to come to America, please let me know as soon as possible.

By example, parents should teach their children kindness.

It may seem like just a little thing to you, but Keith is really worried about the whole thing.

I'm going to be there tonight.

Can I have this orange?


I'd better clean up now.

I think Antony is loyal.

Contrary to Newton's public image, most of his work was not devoted to science but rather to theology, mysticism and alchemy.

Acceptable and unacceptable are clearly in opposition to each other.

Sehyo is my copilot.

Dalton burnt the cabin to the ground.

I give you a book.

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We recognized Sanity.

I want to keep my kids safe.

No one is listening to her.

Would you like to talk about what just happened?

Jonathan looks like he's having a bad day.

We have three adopted children and two biological children.

Our breath has sufficed only this far.

Can you guess the worth of the diamond?

I do not mind what people say.

I'm too sleepy to do my homework.

Margaret wasn't busy.

Lila can't keep cleaning up after you.

The drawing was mounted in a fancy frame.

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We're not bluffing.

Are you an animist?

He gets a haircut once a month.


Hirofumi was completely at a loss to explain his behaviour.

Because there's the chance to help each other, as well as some healthy competition, I think going to the gym with friends is the best way.

The woman is a nurse.

I just roughly allocated it to each function.

I couldn't help with anything.

The terrorists attacked a mosque.

Horses run fast.

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She was left alone in the room.

Mr Smith had three sons who became engineers.

The answer's yes.

I didn't lie to Toerless.

There are a lot of weirdos at the gym at 4 in the morning. And proudly, I'm one of them.

Pitawas isn't familiar with that subject.

He wrote to me to the effect that he would visit me.


This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.


She lowered her gaze.

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I'll take anything.

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We saw a patrol car running at full speed.

Juliet outwitted King.

Don't you ever talk to me like that again.

Knut walked past me without saying anything.

I walk twenty miles a day.

Siegurd isn't sane.

How can I delete a repeated sentence?

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If you want allergy relief, try this.

Jayant wanted to know what was in the package.

Rahul ruined his favorite shirt by washing it in water that was too hot.

This problem is an equality of k so we first solve the assigned equation for k.

At first, I had no idea why.


It was hard for Sriram to say no.


Every animal cares for its nest.


What pretty eyes you have!

The dad treated his adoptive son cruelly.

Matti's bank account has been frozen by the IRS.

My parents don't approve of my boyfriend.

Is there anything to drink?

She's beating cancer.

You'll all die.

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I just ran into one of my former students.

That's a good picture of her.

You're going to want to take some notes.

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We've been here for months.

He's so perfect.

There is no stopping a girl's tongue.

I'll do anything I can to help.

How is everyone?

The tree is flowering.

Taro's and Hanako's desk is small.


You are good at literature.


I permitted Wendy to camp in our backyard.


I should've phoned Darryl before I went over to visit him.

Scot recanted his testimony.

Next Monday and Tuesday are holidays.

I want you to bring her.

Which do you like better, this or that?


I only told Guy what Urs told me.

I didn't say I couldn't find it.

You are a nerd.

What did Leonard go outside for?

The parking lot was almost empty.

Tarmi opened the door and looked outside.

In Singapore, one way to punish criminals is to whip them.

I beg your pardon. I didn't know this was your seat.

The Lady of the Lake bewitched Merlin and trapped him in the trunk of a tree.

How often do you write a letter to your mother each month?

You're the only one who can protect them.


A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.

About two-thirds of the Earth's oxygen is produced by phytoplankton.

Shannon became famous as a violinist.

That's going to cause problems.

Niels talks to Cristopher (the other one).

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When we saw the animal so near us, we ran away in terror.


Next time, you're buying.

Stacy felt sorry for Del.

It's no exaggeration to say that he's a prodigy.

What an awful world we live in!

Honzo listened for a moment, but couldn't hear anything.


What's your problem today?

I'll do no such thing.

Lievaart should be in.

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Hunter tore the paper in half.

Vincent was there all the time.

The dress suit you very well.

I mistook her for Minako. They look so much alike.

There are some things we can change if we only try.


Kelvin wants somebody to help him paint his house.

Can I speak to Metin?

Meditation exercises help me detach for a certain period of time from the material world and connect to the calm of the spiritual world.

She trusts him with her money.

I tried to get up, but I fell down again.

Stop being fucking retarded!

Work hard, and you will succeed.


You're such a weirdo.


I've loved you since the day I first saw you.

Why do you think I'm upset?

Emma dug up the potatoes.

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Maria called her Brasilian mother.

From the coffee table photo book to the bathroom factoid anthology to the bedside escapist novel, American literature is designed to match the furniture.

Saad has a foot fetish.

I asked Leif to unlock the door.

You're talking out of your ass.


When somebody praises you, remember to be your own judge; do not trust others about you more than you about yourself.

Why should you think so?

What lies ahead?

The theory is too abstract for me.

You can use my car if you like.


Sandra isn't doing anything wrong.

There are two people at home.

I wasn't the one who hired them.

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Anthony definitely has our support.