I have never been there myself.

I didn't warn you.

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Be that as it may, you are wrong.


I will come to you in an hour.


I'd like to pay the check, please.


The number of empty harvested fields along the roads is increasing right now.

I have a right to make a living.

Pierce would still be alive if he had been more careful.

I'll tell Turkeer you said so.

We eat many kinds of food.

They made a strange discovery.

The brothers write.

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What is the bad news?


No decision has been made.

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Are you surprised that I came?

"Is he by the car?" "No, he is in the car."

Don was apparently very convincing.

He went to West Point.

Rice will be planted in this field.


Did you acknowledge his letter?


We have a lot of problems to deal with.


We know what needs to be done.

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He finished school in March.

I'm dependent on my reading glasses.

The dictionary Julia usually uses is very large.

I'd like to see that happen.

Is Bonnie going to do it or not?

All of us except for Mariou thought Space was guilty.

Pontus is a giver.

Would you quit doing that?

To get a table at Troy's Tavern, you have to make reservations weeks in advance.


That is the office where he works.

Michelle gave me this ring.

You have only to push this red button.


Will you teach your children Esperanto?


Let's go somewhere private.

Kiki came to me for help.

Root got into trouble.

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Education helps to mold character.


Can you guess which cooler is the most efficient?

Do you want to kill me?

Don't let him know that.


I like wxWidgets because, unlike most other toolkits, it has a function named Centre(), not Center().


These are the kind of things only a woman can know.

Don't forget to bring your lunch on Saturday.

The fairy changed the prince into a cat.

It happened while I wasn't looking.

Only cross the street on the green light.

I'll be present.

You might see her there.

Is this water okay to drink?

The accident was a traumatizing experience.


Do you think they'll find her?

I believe that we can back them up.

I like to watch baseball games.

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Pedro wanted Izumi to leave right away.

I'd like to check in.

I'll see you back at the office.

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He died diving on a cave.

It was inevitable.

I got pregnant accidentally.

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I think we'd better not drink this water.

I have nothing else to do.

Do you know it for a fact?

This is a life-sized statue.

Sanford wants to be a pilot.


Sanche added sugar to his coffee.

Bertrand said to give you this.

He felt lost and uncomfortable.

I heard you were having a party.

I imagined the whole thing.

Betsy is really creative, isn't he?

Hubert doesn't look like he's enjoying himself.

I'll get Sassan go to Boston to help you.

At last, I finished this homework.

She isn't used to sitting up late at night.

You must not kill.

Suicide is an act of revenge against yourself, and I personally have nothing against myself.

I searched all over for Spy.

They are no more alike than a cow and a canary.

Could you elaborate?

We have no trust in him.

She ate a doughnut.

Due to the recent hurricane, a lot of people lost their homes.

Affairs are in a bad way with you doing nothing of what you should.

There is no shame in saying 'I don't know'.

Kees knew there were risks.

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Please come pick up your package at the reception.

These days there are ways to fix these problems.

How will I find my way back?

The Japanese writing system is very complicated, it has three alphabets with more than two thousand characters.

Your methods are totally alien to mine.


If you accept gay marriage ten years after it became the law of the land, you are not avant garde, you are a laggard.

He thought his piano would make a good coffin for him.

Yogurt is made from milk and cream.

The party, therefore, had to take another route.

We must take into account the fact that he is young.

Somebody must've followed us here.

I helped the old man cross the street.

You look a little shaken.

This planet's orbit is congested with hundreds of captured moons.

Don't be evil.

Even when she is 50 years old, she will still be breathtakingly beautiful.


The Miami Heat won the NBA championship.


Faith is a never-ending pool of clarity, reaching far beyond the margins of consciousness. We all know more than we know we know.

You're not authorized to do that.

I'm not sure how that happened.

Scott is very proud of himself.

Last night an explosion took place at a fireworks factory.

Death rained from the skies.

Pilot and Annie dated for three years.


This was easier than I thought.

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Colin has to go to court tomorrow.

Grab him.

That was not my question.

Bryan isn't as fast as I am.

Something has happened to the engine.

Who were the Maccabees?

They didn't like him.

I am deeply saddened to know that your father has died.

I want everyone in the conference room tomorrow morning by 8:00.


You shouldn't spend more than you earn.

Carter lay awake half the night, listening to Patricio snoring.

The color is purple rather than pink.

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Yvonne sat in the darkness.


Modern heroes are represented by rock stars.

Every creature of the world is like a book and a picture to us- and a mirror.

This is why he didn't go to study abroad.


I'll see you around, Toerless.

I'm afraid that would be a waste of time.

As a vegetarian, she doesn't eat meat.

The Mahdi Army is a private militia in Iraq.

You have done it.

Christophe fell asleep almost as soon as the movie started.

Everybody has to start somewhere.


I can't always understand what you write.

I don't know what he is like.

She plays the piano by ear.

It is said that several victims of the tsunami think that the devestation they saw was the kind that made you cover your eyes.

He is faced with a difficult problem.

I already told her.

Vassos wanted to go wherever Ian was going.


He lives in a very nice neighborhood.

Where are the photos?

Wire me at once, in case there should be an accident.

Have the escaped prisoners been captured?

Tomas has been under a great deal of strain lately.

Ahmet wondered how his ex-wife and her new husband were getting along.

Do you have something you'd like to tell me?

Kimmo and Dawn made love passionately on the beach at sunset.

Would you please fill out this form?

I don't want you doing that.

I am writing on behalf of my husband, who is in the hospital.


Please keep the windows open.

An ardent affection for the human race makes enthusiastic characters eager to produce alteration in laws and governments prematurely.

How long does it take to get to your office from the port?

That man is definitely a bachelor.

Do you know Mark and Darin?

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Gail has three fingers missing on his left hand.

This may take a minute.

Don't talk about him.

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I want snow.