A kid-friendly solution for building healthy habits

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What is Habitz?

Develop a healthy lifestyle

Kids can be picky eaters, oversnackers, junk food gobblers, and couch potatoes. The Habitz app can help children develop healthier habits.

Parents: Select healthy goals for your kids to complete. As your child achieves them, they can learn to make healthier choices.

Kids earn healthy rewards

Kids who complete Habitz goals earn rewards. Studies show that kids will repeat rewarded behaviors – eventually even without the reward.

What's Habitz?
What's Habitz?

Why do kids and parents love Habitz?

Habitz Is your child’s personal health trainer

Viki, our automated coach, is like having a Personal Health and Wellness Coach dedicated to your family.

Interactive, engaging stories

Viki gives healthy tips and facts through fun and kid-friendly chat stories, videos, and more that your child will love.

Habitz Store

The Habitz Store in the app is full of cool and fun (and educational!) items parents can use to motivate kids to reach their goals.

How Habitz works

Studies show that when kids develop healthy habits early they are less likely to become obese, develop diabetes or other health problems. Studies also show that rewarded habits become long term habits. With Habitz, you set your child’s goals for making healthier choices. As goals are completed your child earns Coinz that they can trade for kid-friendly rewards, like a sleepover or a toy from Amazon – all while learning about healthy living.

How Habitz works

The Habitz Team


Yael Dror

World-Class Pediatric and Sports Nutritionist
Mother of 3


Professor Jonathan Levav

Associate Professor in Motivational Psychology at Stanford University
Father of 2


Molly Elwood

Storyteller, young adult author


Victoria Tenenbaum

Pediatric Behavior Specialist
Mother of 2


Moris Michael

Game Designer and Product Engagement Expert
Father of 3


Daniel Fishkov

Product Building and Engineering
Father of 2