Cris is almost as tall as his father.


Can you imagine walking around on the moon?

The camera has been borrowed by someone else.

I had lived in Sendai for ten years before I came to Tokyo.


There's a time and a place for everything.

Are you from Urumqi?

Anthony committed suicide because he was bullied at school.

Everybody knew Juergen.

Triantaphyllos asked to me to be his best man.

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She could not keep back a smile.

Just what is it you want from me?

I don't think about it that much.

Everyone should know this.

Michael was born in the 1990s.

Hi everyone, I'm Jin.

When was the last time you had something to drink?

It's as much an art as it is a science.

We want to come back.


Although Kristian is sick, he's planning on going to school.

Ernie can only speak a few words of French.

I can't take your whining anymore!

You should eat more, or you won't get well soon.

I like having breakfast with you.


I know what people think of me.

Arnold teaches us to see the object as it really is.

Is the lecture already finished?

I didn't think I needed one of those.

You said you made a list.

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Mick burned all of the letters that Polly had sent him.


Is Isaac supposed to be helping Gail?

"I'd like to play cards." "So would I."

I'll look after him.

That guy standing in the corner over there can finish a smoke in less than a minute.

This is risky and dangerous.

Will Hillary Clinton be the next president of the United States?

She is going to be six next year.

Dorothy is still sleepy.

I just really need to be with you now.

I'm shocked.

You said you'd help Andy.

There are birds singing in the cage, aren't there?

You're like them.

I didn't keep them waiting.

He applied for a position in the office.

Marie's hiding something from me.

I would like to but I have a required course tonight.

He found it hard to make friends.

How much of a discount can you give me?

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I have never been to Florida.


Did you see my camera?

She selected a blue dress from the wardrobe.

How long are you going to stay in Japan?

In American culture, speech is golden.

Carlo says that she can see ghosts.

He took out a notebook.

Who did Starbuck sell his car to?


I don't want to eat cooked rice.

I don't like Michael very much.

I planned a party for them.

I would like to live in luxury.

How did you get in my house?

What's the program for today?

Give this to Debi.


Have I disappointed you?


There is no life without music.

Is Elric autistic?

Hail, guildbrother.

I've been dreaming a lot lately.

Leave it right where it is.


They feared you.


Alastair was important to me.

How many flights to Tokyo do you offer a day?

I didn't notice it.

He fancies himself as an artist.

Were you feeling resistance?

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The company's share price has fallen.

Her means are small.

Are you ever going to fess up about cheating on your boyfriend?

I talked with her.

You need to be here by 2:30 tomorrow.

I'll give her another chance.

I think I might need to go home early.


Raanan took Rudy to an Italian restaurant.


Here it really feels today like summer has ended.

I was just told that Kemal was involved in a traffic accident.

I wonder what Gordon thought of it.


You'll need to hold still.


Toerless nearly had a heart attack when he saw Rolf standing on the edge of the roof.

Call me once in a while.

I was just in time for class.

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A friend told me about Tatoeba.

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Has Jane ever told you why he doesn't like Hsuan?

We're still working on that.

They were barefoot.

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How old are you really?

Water is a source of life.

I'll never fail you.

Noise is the most serious problem for those who live around the airports.

He was so immature, he couldn't resist the temptation.


"Short tempered as ever." He said while dodging Reika's fist.

Now get lost.

You were good, now you're better.


He grabbed the rope with both hands.

He did nothing but stand watching the scene.

Please make me some tea.

Aa, Aaaaa~~ It's about to leak.

I was surprised when Willie said he was applying for a job at our company.

Maybe I should go help her.

Who's pulling the strings behind the scenes?

May I have another piece of cake?

Are you prepared to just let that happen?

Whose drawing did you like?

I'll meet you there as soon as possible.

Spring came on.

I guess that's all I need.

Patricio wrote me about that.

They were turned away without wages.

Quit gambling.

Will he recover?


Rathnakumar was ambitious.

The TickDisplay function has to be called every frame in order to play the animation.

Caffeine is a purinergic antagonist that competitively inhibits adenosine at the sites of P1 receptors.

Nora looks up to her mother.

They supplied us with food.


He got done for match-fixing.


Florian is probably jealous.


I'm going to Europe next week.

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My car takes a lot of gas.

No one is calling you a thief.

If you hit a patch of fog, slow down and put your blinkers on.

We can't say any more.

Ole was just nervous.

This doesn't make any sense.

Something important has come up.

I'll talk about you.

How far is it from here to the sea?

It's late.

Ninja plans to go to Boston by himself.

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You're not fooling anyone, Darrell, we know it's you.

How long has Lois been living in Boston?

I wanted to call you but I didn't have your number.


Edinburgh already offers a busy and traditional city experience, with many historic buildings and tourist attractions.

Today, Tokyo will get very cold.

The last time I saw Kent, he was very well.

A democrat is, at the end of the day, one who admits that an opponent can be right, and therefore lets them express themselves and allows for reflection upon their arguments. When parties or men feel sufficiently persuaded by their own arguments that they allow the silencing of those that contradict them by means of violence, that isn't democracy.

He is rich while his elder brother is poor.


It was a church event.

It is his decision.

She sneaked up behind him.

Why are you wearing a raincoat? It's not raining, is it?

I didn't want to be seen.

I was invited to lunch.

the groups infractions were so egregious that we were forced to arrest them.

He is related to the family.

I had a puppy when I was a boy.

Woman would be more charming if one could fall into her arms without falling into her hands.

That's one of my favorite movies.

I'm not going to tell them that.

The events that led up to her present fame are quite dramatic.

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Hang in there, Irwin. Don't die.

We don't want you to go.

"Do you not like Hartmann?" "It's not that I don't like him, I just have trouble dealing with people like him."

I chew gum.

The book that I read yesterday was very interesting.

I felt like seven suns have risen inside of me.

Do you play in a band?