They want peace.

Dan's alibi was corroborated.

He's very honest, so we can rely on him.

Do you know much about her?

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Take your time. It's a marathon, not a sprint.


I gave them Monday off.

I made a mistake while looking.

You needn't go too early, need you?

I'm glad you didn't call them.

I don't think it's a good idea.


It's not an either/or matter.

You look tired. You must have been working too hard.

I bet Kayvan could do that.

Help me paint the house!

You know I can't stand her.


Don't be ridiculous.

I must close this deal within a week.

He put this information to good use.

I think we should go take a look.

Dan struggled with life in Alaska.

My father was deaf to our opinions.

What do you think they're telling Dale?

That's a very common phrase where I come from.

I expect to be back by the 20th.

Francis used to lock himself in the basement for hours.

Let's just meet here.

Gene got a letter from Rabin today.

I thought Holly would be older.


What is better than sentences to get acquainted?

The old castle lay in ruins.

You don't really want this job, do you?

He stuck with his own theory.

Would you sign right here?

To grow old means to be rid of anxieties about the past.

He gave me a book.


I promised to leave him alone.

I'm afraid the book is beyond the reach of his understanding.

Sigurd is in his bedroom talking on the phone.

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Do you play chess?

Serdar worked all day yesterday.

I don't think Shutoku will agree to do that.


Let's meet here again a year from today.


This isn't any fun.

I used to play piano long ago, so I can still play a little.

That's like carrying coals to Newcastle.

Hugh was afraid his car would break down.

Seeing that he's not preparing at all, it seems that he's not planning to take the exam.

You should persist in your efforts to learn English.

Jong and Stefan don't need a chaperone.

His smile is rueful.

I am using this term in Emmet's sense to refer to the psychological rules of language use.

You don't have to be rich but, rather, independent.

Dry wood burns quickly.


I postponed my trip because of the bad weather.

Miss Kanda can swim well.

The dog is eating its food.

He was devoted to medical science.

I found somebody.

The beetle buzzes.

A deep sigh was Ethel's only response.

She wanted it to be a surprise.

Loren just lost his job.

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It wasn't a crime.

"I think it's Raul at the door." "Who else would it be?"

And who would you be?


I need to help him.


Let it be done by six this evening.

Because of its low level of economic development, the region was not yet ready for industrialization.

She's the official spokesperson for Tatoeba.

I've gained weight.

If Byron was planning to get married, he would've told me.

Lance likes meeting celebrities.

My mother is always busy.


No wonder he was arrested.


Do you take part in any community activities?

Turn to the left without regard to the signal.

You're hurting Serdar.

Is this place safe?

What an ugly dress!

There's nothing we can't accomplish.

The cold climate affected his health.

How's that business going?

Naim told me to give you anything you want.

We've had a long week.

I feel kind of tired.


This is going to be a challenge.

People left me alone.

Will you please tell us where Amy is?

He wears black-rimmed glasses.

He suddenly walked out of the committee meeting.


Herbert is standing over there near the fireplace.

I owe him a debt of gratitude for what he did.

He entered the room after you left.

He ate all of the apple.

I'm coming back home by bus.

I've heard so much about you.

He got 90 marks in his English test.

Don't come to the meeting!

We've been playing music together for years.

She's a bohemian.

Jeffery is the one who wants to wait.

Yesterday morning he went back to Rotterdam.

Once you make it to the end, it's okay for you to cry.


I'd better go home.

Antonio is kissing his wife.

The world's first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City in 1935.

You are expected to clean up your own mess yourself.

Danielle was a cooperating witness.

Come downstairs as soon as possible.

I can teach you how to fool people.

My feet are small compared to yours.

The man whom she is marrying is an astronaut.


Beekeepers remove the honeycomb to collect the honey.

I haven't got much money with me.

What is he angry about?

The drug problem is international.

Be nice to your mom.

We're all worried about Harold.

They looked away from him.

Lynn felt a cold coming on.

Of the two of them, one heads east and one heads west.

Elephants can't ride bicycles.

Vilhelm was looking for Norma, but it was raining hard and he didn't see her.


I think Pontus could be persuaded to help.

This was avoidable.

Are these conditions acceptable to you?

They made Damone chairman.

Please don't tell Lance about our plan.


I should be, I have been skating since I was five years.


Thou hast seen poverty aplenty, but thou art rich of mind.

He's writing a book.

He was with God in the beginning.

Prices are double what they were two years ago.

Shari didn't tell Ed how much money he had spent.

I don't think we need to wait for Lucius.

How far are you prepared to go?

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This movie is for adults, not for children.

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Per isn't married yet.

It was a busy day.

I had a strange dream last night.

I need to get something done very quickly.

I had to book a flight for Dylan.

He sees the office.

Is early medieval glass production a continuation of Roman glass technology?

He gave me an apple.

She doesn't think about any kind of evil.


I always keep my promises.

He was alone in the house.

Who tore this package open?

Owen felt cold.

He went to visit her at the hospital every Monday.

Thank you for helping me cross the street.

These days John drinks too much.


You've all underestimated them.

In her opinion, he is the best musician she has ever seen.

He hasn't written them a letter in a long time.

French developed from Latin.

We arrived in New York at night.

I wasn't born here, but I spent all of my early childhood here.

Let's hope it goes well tonight.

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He can cope with the problems.

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It doesn't matter whether your has grown for four years or seven. When the barber shaves it he'll use that same blade.


I have to do something.


She's a traitor.


Robin doesn't know anything about raising children.

Donn was small in stature.

The candle smells nice.

Billy is a pretty good guitarist.

The Ariake Sea is one of the biggest tidelands in Japan.