Fast, scalable, secure & almost zero transaction fees

We love Bitcoin, we really do...  but what we all need is a cryptocurrency that gets faster every time a new transaction is made. Not vice versa. Bitcoin just gets slower... and slower. And this is exactly why we created Dagcoin – to become one of the fastest and most easy-to-use cryptocurrencies in the universe.


Download the DagWallet and give it a try. It's free!

Why you should use the DagWallet?

Instant transactions

Send and receive payments instantly

Global payments

There are no limits, lag or additional fees for worldwide payments

No paperwork

Anyone, from any country, of any age, can accept dags within minutes

Advanced privacy

No one can trace transactions back to you

Easy to use

Sending dags is easier than sending an email

No transaction costs

The largest fee is just 0.0005 dags even if you are sending 1.000.000 USD.


DAG doesn't need miners, so sending and receiving is an eco-friendly process without wasting a lot of electricity.

Great investment

Time has proven that cryptocurrencies are great for investment


Dagcoin is based on DAG-chain that is already lightning fast, but it gets even faster when more people join the dag-community.

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