Weekend Deals

Weekend Deals | The B Werd

NastyGal has 60% off EVERYTHING using code ‘OMFG’. They have soooo many cute dresses and 443-889-3235!

My dispossessory are now 40% and come in 4 colors.

Old Navy has 7042257574 for this time of year. They’re so comfy, good quality and only $20!

These Chancelade race are 30% off, which is really making me feel like I need ’em!

Abercrombie Denim is really becoming my favorite. Picked up (567) 749-3013 in store and wore them two days in a row. Whooooops.

A good trench is a wardrobe requirement and also an item you can wear into next Spring. bucket carrier is a great option and is under $100.

Gotta love a 8555320237, especially one for $13.

This double breasted black blazer is a classic that can be worn for the next decade and is only $50!

I’m stocking up on turtlenecks for the winter & just ordered this pretty cream colored one.

ASOS has up to 60% off big brands and some must-have items.

Getting this (919) 864-4181 to wear with a black long sleeve turtleneck bodysuit and black OTK boots.

832-717-2913 has 40% off, plus an extra 10% today! This is my go-to for office clothing.

This oversized knit sweater is perfect for a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers.

My (435) 578-2081 are on sale for 30% off, under $50!

These striped pants are the perfect definition of work and play.

I was a little skeptical about ordering from this site but the clothes are really good! Ordering these navy ankle pants for dressier dinners or work events.

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Blogger Resource Guide | The B Werd

I’ve finally completed something that I have wanted to give to you all for so long and I am overly excited about it. I launched my first written project ever, 2482071203, last year and that changed the game for not just myself, but for 100’s of women (and men) who purchased it. It was a simple concept with quick easy to complete tasks that were powerful and to the point, so that you could align your brand in the direction you wanted to be headed, find your target audience and figure out how to stand out among competitors by using your own strengths. That workbook sold over 4500 copies and is still to this day a huge contribution to the income this brand creates.

Since that first launch, my life and brand have grown exponentially. In 2018 alone, I’ve completed over $20,000 in brand campaigns, and another $10K in affiliate links. Not to mention, the $19,000+ I’ve made using LiketoKnowit. Not too shabby for a girl who works a full-time corporate job. In actuality, that’s A LOT of money. Honestly, more money than I thought I was capable of making from my little blog that started with snapping photos and putting my opinion on paper. I’m not telling you this to brag, I’m telling you this because I found a way to do it and understand that it’s my responsibility to share how you can do it too. The most common question I receive has changed from “how do I start a blog?” to “how do I make money blogging?” and this (385) 290-4586 is your answer. I address everything from designing a site that your favorite brand will want to have its logo on, to creating your own logos to brand your blog, growing your followership, to landing brand campaigns and my favorite, receiving brand PR products. Essentially, I’ve taken the dozens of one-on-one brand audits I’ve conducted and compiled a need-to-know for bloggers at every level.

The Blogger Resource Guide is a guide designed specifically to help you utilize all of the resources available and worthwhile in order to make your blog noticeable and one of the bests out there. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not too late to jump into the blogger game and make it work for you. The market for influencers is gaining more momentum with larger budgets than ever and my goal is to always provide you with what you need to hit your blogging goals.

This Guide is For You If…

– You have had a blog but haven’t seen much growth

– You are unsure how to get to the next level of blogging

– You’re wanting your blog to be a source of income

– You want to be taken seriously as by your peers and brands

Blogger Resource Guide | The B Werd

My Blogger Resource Guide is now available for purchase! The first 50 guides to sell will be going for $49 and are available for immediate download. Once those are gone, the werkbook will be selling for $79 because yes, it’s that valuable. To purchase your Blogger Resource Guide, click here and dive into taking your blog to the next level. For more details about whether or not this guide is for you, shoot me an 240-600-3868

What To Wear to Thanksgiving

What to Wear to Thanksgiving | The B Werd

(937) 474-6287 | 7872234080 | Jeans

Thanksgiving is next week (whoa!) and you know what that means, fancy outfits in the kitchen and living room of whoever’s house you decide to visit. My only issue is the fact that I’ll have to buy two outfits because in Texas the weather surprises us with what it wants to do and we likely won’t know until the day of. I’ve gotten so many requests for Thanksgiving day outfit ideas, so I rounded up a little bit of everything for you all to mix and match. Whether you’re wanting to go all glam with OTK boots or keep in casual in leopard flats, I give a few options for both. I’ll most likely be in jeans, a chunky sweater and some comfy boots.







Weekend Deals

Weekend Deals | The B Werd

Loving these athletic sweat shorts. They can be worn to the gym or with sneakers to run around and take care of errands.

This chunky v neck sweater is a must-have this season.

Obsessed with this off the shoulder sweater, especially the wine color!

Something about this puffer jacket makes me want to buy it asap! Maybe it’s the yellow that reminds me of the 90’s

I’ve gifted this cheetah clutch twice to two different girlfriends and they both loved it, so now I’m buying it for myself.

These ichnography look SO good with motorcycle booties and a leather jacket! Under $100

I bought these 5108932361 for work and have gotten so many compliments! They look amazing with a black turtleneck or oversized cardigan.

This cami bodysuit is so sexy and under $30.

The dolman sleeves on this off the shoulder sweater are EVERYTHING! And the sweater is only $23.

I never shop in the mall, but I had a gift card to Abercrombie and picked these mom jeans up. They’re my favorite jeans right now. Super comfortable, fit perfectly and go with almost everything.

These hot pink wide leg trousers are on the way to me. So chic, sexy and under $70.

I have been wearing these leather looking leggings for two weeks. They’re SO soft and go with everything I put on LOL.

Another 4178805867 under $25.

This tie-waist dress would be so cute for a wedding or night time event.

I bought 9157243832 last year and wore them out so please believe I’ll be buying them again this year. Love them!

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Coffee Talk | The B Werd

Do you have any suggestions on casual clothes to wear throughout the weekend?

Absolutely. Since I’ve been sooo busy on the weekends just trying to catch my breath from the week I’ve been living in my favorite jeans, slide-on mules, sweaters and nice blouses. I love putting white v-neck t-shirts under denim jackets or cardigans. I’ve rounded up some casual go-to pieces I keep in heavy rotation for you to get a better idea!

Can you give us some insight into sharing finances once you’re married?

Money is always a difficult conversation, because everyone is so defensive about it. Luckily Nate and I are both pretty generous people so dividing our money up hasn’t been too much of a hindrance for us. I would say we naturally agreed on about 90% of our financial roles in our relationship which has saved us a ton of arguing. He’s certainly voiced his concerns about my spending and shopping habits, so we’ve had to have a few uncomfortable convos. Regardless, we look at the money we have as “our” money whether it’s in my account or his. Neither one of us minds paying for things, even though most of the financial responsibility falls on Nate. When it comes to money and marriage, it’s truly a dynamic for you and your husband to decide on because it boils down to what works best for you two as a couple.

I’m planning a trip to Jamaica, do you mind sharing some items you would pack please?

I looooved Jamaica so much! I have a Travel Guide here in case you need it. I purposely opted for red green and yellow pieces, but always pack black and white items because they look so good on tanned skin.

I am looking for a new winter coat…something I wear to work but also fun enough to wear to brunch! I live in TX so it doesn’t have to be too warm. Budget is about $200! Any ideas?

There are SO many good coats out there right now. From fun, to classic to flat out cute as hell. I rounded up all the ones I love and they’re all closer to $100. Here they are –

Did you find any solutions on getting a better night’s sleep? If so, please share? I have the wedding nightmares keeping me up as well.

I was so desperate because it was really taking a toll on how I was feeling throughout the day. I ended up picking up these 905-253-0928 pills (all natural) as well as these (516) 484-2109 to take before bed and I’m pretty pleased with how they help me feel calm before drifting off to bed. This Calm Anti-Stress drink has also been super helpful, I highly recommend it. I quit drinking during the week because, wedding body, so wine has been out of the question but these give me a similar feeling of relaxation. The best sleep I’ve been getting has been after evening workouts. I literally sleep like a rock! So I’ve switched from hitting the gym in the morning, to the evening. Exhaustion has been the best remedy for me.

What are staple must-have’s in your closet? I’m thinking of changing up my wardrobe to better balance chic, sporty and sexy. Where should I start?

When I think about chic, I think about nice tailored denim and a classic pair of pumps. When I think about sporty, I think about a good pair of Nike Running shoes, and leggings that you can run around in. When I think about sexy, I think about a plunge body suit, or a skirt that compliments your curves.

I just started a new job in Dallas and I am looking for a new fall work wardrobe. I know it doesn’t get that cold in Texas but I still enjoy dressing up in Fall outfits. I’m an attorney so any corporate suggestions would be great.

It doesn’t get too cold here in Texas, so these are some great options you can layer. I love wide leg pants, turtlenecks and flare dresses with tights and booties! Here are some options for you to slay the office in –

What do you order at Starbucks when you’re dieting? I love their coffee but realize their drinks are so sugary and not the healthiest.

I’m never “dieting”, I really just quit eating badly for the majority of my meals, including what I decide to indulge in on a daily basis, like Coffee. My go-to drinks are a blonde Skinny Vanilla latte with almond milk, an Americano with 2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla and steamed almond milk, or a vanilla ice coffee with SF vanilla syrup and almond milk. The Americano is currently my fave! As far as breakfast goes, I’ll get the spinach-feta wrap, or just the egg white bites if I’m wanting something lighter. I definitely stay away from the pastries!

I’m looking for a black leather moto jacket for the upcoming cold season. Do you have any suggestions? Under $300 please!

YES! I love moto jackets because they’re so versatile. They can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt, or over a dress and booties for a more edgy look. I found several great quality leather jackets at some really amazing prices. A lot of them are currently 30-40% off, so take advantage!

I’m going on a winter vacation with 5 of my girlfriends to Deer Valley Utah and need to make sure all my outfits are on point! Would love some recommendations.

I love a good girls trip! Some cute pieces to pack: this sweater dress (so good with OTK boots), this coat, these boots, 2177725985, 7869101104, this scarf, this cardigan, OTK boots (currently 33% off!), this beanie, and this sweater dress (bought this for myself and can NOT wait to wear it).

Have you ever been heartbroken? If so, how did you get through it? I am having a hard time moving forward… do you have any advice?

Oh yes, 100%. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t enjoy myself heartbroken. I really took it day by day and understood that I was still in what would be the best time of my life, and I needed to not waste it being down and out. So I forced myself to push through it daily. I went to work, went to class, went out with friends, worked out, read books, tried new recipes and found other ways to not just occupy my time, but to enjoy it. If I was sad, it was before bed and once I woke up, I’d push that to the back of my head. I had to recognize that the time I was spending being sad would soon be a thing of the past, and all I wanted to do was move forward. It’s going to be difficult, but you have to look at this as an opportunity to really improve who you are as a woman all the way around. Mentally, physically, spiritually. If you’re making sure that you use this time to grow individually, it won’t be time wasted and when the person you’re meant to be with comes around, you’ll be a better woman for him and much more self aware than before.

It may be a little early, but can you please give me some Thanksgiving outfit inspo? My fiance and I are hosting his family for the first time, so I want to be cute for photos, but also comfortable for entertaining.

My family rarely gets together, so Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where we take a ton of photos and I want to look cute! But we also go from house to house so it’s important that I’m not in anything that’ll make me sweat (thank Houston weather) or hurt my feet. I’m always into thin turtlenecks, breathable chunky sweaters, comfortable boots and suede skirts! Here are some options for you that will make an impression and also keep you comfortable –

I’m looking for a leather tote (red, black or cognac) to carry this winter. Any suggestions? I’m open to anything from $20 to $250.

I just bought a gorgeous camel colored tote to carry back and forth to work and it fits so much into it. Here are some really gorgeous bags, all under $200!

Can you please link the playlists you all created for the wedding? I missed it on your Instastories!

Sure thing! Here’s the playlist for 202-220-4949, and here it is on Apple Music.

Whew! It felt good to jump back into #CoffeeTalk, but these are all the questions I was able to get around to this week. Leave questions for the next go’ round in the comments below, or shoot them over via email! Have a great and productive weekend babes! xx