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Discover and challenge the best in you!
Treat your inner go-getter and explore the satisfaction of achievement.
Who are we?
We are a social engagement mobile platform for people who are interested in challenge and goal achievements, dares and hobbies. We call them Gets.
With Myget you can!
Challenge anyone privately or publicly! Engage in the social network with likeminded people by creating or participating in Gets.
Our mission is to:
Enable people to challenge themselves and each other comfortably, creatively, anywhere and anytime.

I love a challenge and to be challenged. It empowers and inspires me. The joy of achievement is so powerful, so potent! If you find yourself agreeing with these statements, you are one of us. Myget is happy to invite you to our very special family of go-getters.

We believe that a world will become a better place with ambitious folks like yourself reaching for new highs. We all face challenges and strive to succeed. Whether you are confronted with a serious challenge or a silly and fun dare, Myget is your app. Buckle up and unleash your dreams.

Get Inspired

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Expand your curiosity via Gets ―
challenges, dares, goals and hobbies!
Take them on and enjoy the ride!
Contact us: dig@myget.us
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