A white clutch will decorate the women’s clothing of every style, make it sophisticated and luxurious. This little bag can be beautifully simple or, conversely, brilliantly solemn. Many girls refuse this stylish accessory because they do not know what to wear, but there are plenty of opportunities for a miracle every day and for special occasions.

The clutch has many advantages over traditional bags

Looks extremely stylish

Makes elegant even clothes in the style of a “sports case”;
allows you to carry with you only the necessary things and quickly find what you need;
the same pattern, such as a leather white clutch on a chain, can be combined with evening dress and everyday outfit;
is simple in design and small size, so it’s cheaper than traditional bags.
When purchasing a clutch, you should remember that this accessory attracts the most attention to the hands, so the manicure should always be perfect.


All of these bags can be divided according to their purpose:

Every day for use every day. They can be made of leather, cloth, straw, or a combination of these materials.

Evening. Most often made with small sizes made of expensive materials, have unusual coverage – from stones, embroidery, beads, appliqués. It has to be combined with shoes and clothes.

The clutch size can be miniaturized. Tiny stylish bag designed for the big outlet, and has a minimum of stuff – your money or your credit card, phone and lipstick. Large connectors can be in the form of an envelope, a zipper or a closure button, a magnet. Long belt or chain bags are often worn over the shoulder.

Choosing the connector depends on lifestyle and style. The bright and playful lacquer clutch fit young lady to present at a party or nightclub and a cleaner discrete envelope a large format of a famous brand is an excellent job on the image of the business woman. Clutch outlet you can buy or make at handmade. Rich decorated with sequins and beads small connectors with visible parts usually require more restrained and the boots are a great addition evening dress.


Now, it really is not terrible to go out on the street in something unusual. The idea can be immediately picked up and used as a novelty of the season. Today you can apply combinations of different styles and times in your wardrobe.

Here are some tricks for combining clothes in a fashionable way.

Jeans, who will never leave our lives, are as modern today as they did in the 1990s. For example, the real combination of jeans pants straight or slightly closer to the bottom cut with a classic female white shirt or a blouse that has velvet or velvet. To achieve such a mixed image, you’ll help with the shoes. This should be sometimes because here comes the heel that may have some form and shoes without it. The ideal option is the brightly-painted ballet and a large bag bag.

The combination of classics and sports in modern style is also important. For example, wearing a classic short dress, even black, you can not be afraid to combine it with funny and suited to the color of the sneakers, although the classic version of the furrier shoes and small clutch are much sexy and attractive. In general, the ability to wear such feminine and attractive dresses and skirts with heavy and even male boots is very symbolic. The woman seems to talk about her character: “I am beautiful and sexy, a little naive and helpless, but I can be confident and self-confident, will repel every opponent.”