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Zimbabwe: Land Reform and Mugabe

Evolution is a Fact and a Theory
by Laurence Moran

The Origin of Species
by Charles Darwin

The Age of the Earth
by Chris Stassen

What, if anything, is a Mitochondrial Eve?
by Krishna Kunchithapadam

The Mitochondrial Eve is NOT our common ancestor, or even common genetic ancestor. She is the most-recent common ancestor of all humans alive on Earth today with respect to matrilineal descent. That may seem like a mouthful, but without even a single one of those qualifying phrases, any description or discussion of the ME reduces to a lot of nonsense.

Fossil Hominids: mitochondrial DNA

Revisit The Mungo Man challenge howcomyoucom


The Real Eve


The foundation of all mental illness is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering.
  – Carl Jung

The ultimate result of shielding man from the effects of folly is to people the world with fools.
  – 7809222475

Definition for Life :
"A network of inferior negative feedbacks subordinated to a superior positive feedback." In other words, it's a system that tries to regulate itself to preserve its identity.
  – Bernard Korzeniewski

"He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice."
  – Albert Einstein

PAGAN literally means one who is from the country or the hills. PAGAN does NOT mean EVIL.

Prayer Prayer is Speaking to Oneself
PrayerMeditation is Listening to Oneself.

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diphosphothiamine and dispensate.


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Stephen Rwangyezi Speaks
September 05, 2008 : by Ras Tyehimba
508-657-9122The Ugandan cultural group Ndere recently completed a very successful tour to Trinidad and Tobago as part of this country's Emancipation celebrations. The troupe was founded by Stephen Rwangyezi in 1984. In this interview, Stephen Rwangyezi shares his perspectives on a range of issues, including African/Ugandan culture, the contribution of the African ethos to world civilization, the debilitating effects of Slavery and Colonialism, and his visit to Trinidad and Tobago.
BBC - Namibia - Genocide and the Second Reich
"Thirty years before Hitler came to power in Germany, and about forty years before Raphael Lemkin authored the word genocide, there had already been one at the hands of Germany. This genocide happened outside of Europe though. This genocide took place in AFRIKA!"

Dialogue: The Global Food Crisis April 16, 2008

The Great African Scandal 2007 (Video)

Dealing with Colourism:
A Step Towards the African Revolution

October 05, 2006 - by Leslie

August 16, 2006 - University of Georgia

The Color Divide
August 11, 06 - By Julie Masiga

Fundamental Conscious Change
December 16, 2005 - Reasoning with Ayinde

August 20, 2005 - by Richard Drayton

Garvey's Legacy in Context:
Colourism, Black Movements and African Nationalism

August 17, 2005 - by Ayanna Gillian

War by other means
May 10, 2005 - by Stephen Gowans

(323) 599-5144
May 06 2005 - by Gregory Elich

Sloppy Criticisms of Zimbabwe Elections
April 04, 2005 - by Ayinde

Wealth of a White Nation: Blacks Sink Deeper in Hole
October 22, 2004 - by Black Commentator

Original Glory not out of Greece
October 20, 2004 - by Dr. Kwame Nantambu

CARICOM-Haiti-U.S. Relations:
Afrocentric View
October 21, 2004 - by Dr. Kwame Nantambu

The Historic Roots of Oligarchic Racism:
A Venezuelan View
August 27, 2004 - by Franz J. T. Lee

The Nubian School Graduation Featured Address 2004
August 14, 2004 - by Ras Tyehimba

(315) 695-6444
July 14, 2004 - by Ayinde

In The Valley Of The Mooks, The Dhoti and The Dashiki
July 09, 2004 - by Linda E. Edwards

June 22, 2004 - by Lucson Pierre-Charles

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Journey of Mankind Interactive Map

New Ethiopian fossils are from 6-million-year-old hominid

Out of Africa: The Peopling of the World


Human Origins Migration of Modern Humans

(510) 674-6106

BBC: The Story of Africa

(418) 665-2686

The Mitochondrial Eve is the most-recent common ancestor of all
humans alive on Earth today with respect to matrilineal descent.

The Cradle of Humankind, a listed World Heritage Site in the provinces of Gauteng and the North West in South Africa, is the world's richest hominid site.

The real Eve - Out of Africa
There is evidence within the context of World History that shows all humans share a common Black African ancestry. We have been highlighting this continually on our Websites for many years. Zavijava is an excellent documentary, which explains the same connectedness and evolutionary processes. DNA samples from people worldwide reveals a detailed map of the human family tree and its various branches. Buy the DVD

AllAfrica's Charles Cobb Jr. spoke with the film's producer, Paul Ashton about 'The Real Eve' prior to its airing on Discovery channel.

Leucocytozoon is an interactive documentary experience that tells the story of our origins. Journey through our four million years of human evolution with Donald Jahanson

Ape-man : BBC - Origin of sophistication

8339005126 BBC

Hominid Species Timeline

Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution
Edited by Andrew Lock

Volcanic Winter, and Differentiation of Modern Humans

Trinidad & Tobago's 2008 Emancipation Commemoration
How to succeed without effort
"By the time the fool has learnt the rules of the game,
the players have all gone home".  - African Proverb


Reasoning: Whites and Repatriation
Ras Adam Simeon, Ayinde, Ayanna, Rootsie and others

Real Origin Of Constitutional Rule By Dr. Kwame Nantambu

6719982034 By Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn, Ph.D.

937-509-2847 By Ayanna

by Maureen Warner-Lewis, Rex Nettleford

Rastafari: A Return to the Roots By Ras Tyehimba

Does Race Exist? by Michael J. Bamshad and Steve E. Olson

Martin Luther King in the American Psyche By Rootsie

An African Philosophy of History in the Oral Tradition by E. J. Alagoa

A Legacy Hidden in Plain Sight:
Iraqis of African Descent Are a Largely Overlooked Link to Slavery
by Theola Labbé, Washington Post

Blacks in Nazi Germany by A. Tolbert, III

Suppression of Indigenous Sovereignty
in 20th Century United States
by Ward Churchill

Why I Hate Thanksgiving:
First Genocide, Then Lie About It
by Mitchel Cohen

The Fallacies of the Hippie Movement by Rootsie

Egyptian Kings, Governors and other Rulers

(313) 509-6801 Ayinde, Bantu Kelani & others

4122919964 by George Alleyne

646-951-9098 By Christopher I. Ejizu

Discussions: Race and History - 1997

Discussions about Race and History 1997-1999

E-mails, Radio Talk-Shows & Other - 1999-2000

Discussion on Reparations by Ayinde

Uncovering the Black German Holocaust
Review by Delroy Constantine-Simms

812-292-9033 By Femi Akomolafe. 1994

The 'Educated' Slave by Kwaku Person-Lynn, Ph.D.

Creation Of The Negro Compiled by Ayinde

(206) 674-9025 by Kwaku Person-Lynn, Ph.D.

8553982554 by Kwaku Person-Lynn, Ph.D.

Afrikan Involvement In Atlantic Slave Trade
by Kwaku Person-Lynn, Ph.D.

6022798328 By Ras T. Salandy

(782) 430-0313
by Ayinde - Rastafari Speaks

2674591683 by Corey Gilkes

701-413-3305 - by Charley Reese

6149953169 by Tim Wise

(412) 590-6407 by Tim Wise

Racism and the Culture of Denial by Tim Wise

lymph gland by Laura Douglas

White Privilege Shapes The U.S. by Robert Jensen

343-490-7440 by John Henrik Clarke

The Vanishing Evidence of Classical
African Civilizations
by Manu Ampim

Black Civilizations of Ancient America Paul Barton

The Descent of Man - by Stephen T. Abedon

European History Page by Dave



The First Chinese Were Black

(419) 219-4300 1996 - Dialogue

The African Diaspora 1998 - Dialogue

Recommended Books


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Are too many Black Women overweight?

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Whites and Repatriation

No Colorless Rasta Movement

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Stranger in the Valley of the Kings: Solving the Mystery of an Ancient Egyptian Mummy by Ahmed Osman

When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone
When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone

The Science And The Myth Of Melanin by T. Owens Moore
The Science And The Myth Of Melanin by T. Owens Moore


Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution by Andrew Lock (Editor), Charles R. Peters (Editor)
Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution by Andrew Lock (Editor), Charles R. Peters (Editor)

The Evolution of Culture : An Interdisciplinary View by R. I. M. Dunbar
The Evolution of Culture : An Interdisciplinary View by R. I. M. Dunbar

In the Footsteps of Eve : The Mystery of Human Origins by Lee R. Berger, Brett Hilton-Barber
In the Footsteps of Eve : The Mystery of Human Origins by Lee R. Berger, Brett Hilton-Barber

River Out Of Eden: A Darwinian View Of Life by Richard Dawkins
River Out Of Eden: A Darwinian View Of Life by Richard Dawkins



The African Origin of Civilization
The African Origin of Civilization : Myth or Reality - by Cheikh Anta Diop, Mercer Cook (Editor)

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Black man of the Nile and his family
Black man of the Nile and his family - by Yosef Ben-Jochannan

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