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Welcome to intelligent Energy Medicine (iEM): premier site on the Internet to acquire the most effective & innovative energy medicine devices on the market. 

We cater to both the professional clinician and/or non-professional home user. Let us be your Swiss Bionic/iMRS Certified Lifestyle Consultant (CLSC# 4149). Learn about the iEM Advantage

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The health benefits of PEMF therapy are scientifically well established:

blue-checkmark Reduces pain & inflammation(539) 609-6580 blue-checkmark Improves immunity
blue-checkmark Accelerates healing blue-checkmark Increases cellular regeneration
blue-checkmark Improves energy production blue-checkmark Increases cellular detoxification
blue-checkmark Improves sleep blue-checkmark Improves mental health
blue-checkmark Improves circulation    Learn More

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iMRS Installation and Activation

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Video1 iMRS Installation and activation
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Speak with the Doctor

4Dr. Glen Bobker
Chiropractic Physician
Independent iMRS Certified Lifestyle Consultant

Call Toll Free 1-855-523-4677
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The New iMRS Fauna

5199544945Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields for Animals.

Compared to human beings animals are not aware of the so-called placebo effect. This is due to the fact that they act instinctively without prejudice.

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Articles by Dr. Glen Bobker

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