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Quail Cove Farms of Machipongo, VA

What We Offer
    Our Famous Organic Sweet Potatoes (Available starting in late Sept.)
    Organic Produce 
    Amish and Local Cheeses
    Amish and Virginia Poultry 
    Virginia Meats
    Bulk Grains
    Dry Grocery Items (Bulk grains, flours, snacks, pastas, and more)
Who We Are 
    Quail Cove Farms is a Family owned and operated Farm, Retail, and Home Delivery Business. We have been growing organically for 28 years and delivering quality natural and     organic foods to your homes since 1991. We specialize in growing our organic sweet potatoes, however, we also grow smaller amounts of seasonal produce. 
How We Serve

Home Delivery

1. Sign Up Create an Account

2We will compare your address to our delivery routes and asign you to the correct route and your delivery minimum (minimum determined by distance to nearest current stop). 

3. We deliver once per month to each of our delivery routes. Please view our exorciser  

4. Receive your order on your delivery date each month!

We are flexible with delivery locations. Examples include customer work places, homes, churches and other convenient locations that ensure the safety of the food product.

Our customers have 2 options 
1. Home Delivery If the order meets our minimum requirements for home delivery we can drop your order off right at home!
2. Hostess Home We have families, neighbors, co-workers, friends join together and have one drop point. The Hostess Home would be our truck stop and everyone picks up their order at one location. Each order has their own invoice, and order labeled with their name. 

The process

Retail Store
Come shop at our retail store located in Machipongo, VA. You have access to a full line of cheeses, meats, and produce. A special feature about our retail store is that we sell our local's products as well. We have small amounts of eggs and produce that we buy directly from our neighbors and friends on the Eastern Shore of VA. 

Certified Organic Farm
Our certified organic farm is located on the seaside in Machipongo, VA and 1 mile from our retail store. If you stop by our farm you will find a family member or two busy as work with our year long sweet potato growing process.  If you would like to see updates and current stages of our crops follow us on Facebook! 

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Interested in something we don't carry? Give us a phone call, or if you're not in a hurry send an e-mail and let us know, we may be able to provide just the thing you want.