The image quality is really bad - the resolution is so low.

Think didn't say anything about that.

Eric is on our soccer team.

He promised me that he would be more careful in the future.


Bud has been with our company for three years.

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Barrett didn't seem terribly interested in learning French.

The English word "amoeba" and the Japanese word "tatoeba" don't rhyme.

A home is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase so you don't want to make any snap decisions.

Your cat is overweight.

Matti had a date with Josip last Friday.

He wants to sell his car, and I want to buy one.

Go out and look at the blue skies.

I want to buy this material for a new dress. How much does it cost?

We've done some very good things.

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This type of music is not to everyone's taste.

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There are people who have a lot of excess

It's all I know.

Go home to your wife, Saumya.

My mother is busy cooking supper.

I invited them to dinner.

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She indulges in tennis all the day.

She is above any of her classmates in speaking English.

I can't run as fast.


He works for the good of the country.

Does that work for you?

No matter where you go in Holland, you'll see windmills.


Matthias is just plain lazy.

He left the room when I came in.

Don't run so fast.

Ambition is the last refuge of the failure.

It is useless to try to remember all the words in the dictionary.

Think it over.

Noemi handed Syd a knife so she could peel the apples.

Will you let me have a holiday tomorrow?

The presiding judge sentenced the defendant to death.

His mom puts up with all of his mischief.

Are you seriously thinking about pursuing a career as a race car driver?


It must weigh about thirty kilograms.

The warmth after the chills intoxicated us.

How much do I owe?

I'm sure I'll find a good gift for Laurie.

I didn't add this sentence.

When it comes to marital spats, there's usually two sides to the story.

Who's your best friend?

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It is said that truth always triumphs.


Cooperate with your friends in doing the work.

The plane had five hundred passengers on board.

This will add to our troubles.

Takao persuaded Dwayne not to go.

I never wanted to hurt him.


I'll walk you out.

They couldn't travel because a problem occurred.

I haven't read it.


Slavery was not abolished in the United States until 1865.

I know that Syed wanted to be here.

Don't press your luck, kid.


That was enough to issue a warrant for Dan's arrest.

This hurts more than you can imagine.

Please, recite the alphabet backwards.

You could've just talked to me.

I'm pretty sure that Leo just made up that story.


I told her I'd help her.

I hope that Will passes the examination.

The deer ran for its life.

I was accused of eating the boss's lunch.

Look at the book which he put on the desk.

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This time it went well.

They have exactly the same face.

You sure run fast.

He makes a face like this.

I knew you'd be talking about me.


"Where did you have lunch?" "At a restaurant."

I really have to be going now.

Tokyo is the most expensive town in the world.

Why is Spudboy waiting?

I only drink decaffeinated coffee.


He read a boring novel.

This is as good place to die as any.

He went to America.

Are you willing to join me?

We'll need you in a few hours.

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Send the bill to me.

I told you that before.

Do you still think Josh and Tracey shouldn't get married?


I can't stretch my right arm.

Everyone gossips.

It's not my fault. My brain made me do it.

He is no longer a member of our club.

They are too close.

How old were you when you left Australia?

Did you come here to argue?


I've made her wait long enough.


I wait for you in Turin!

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The solution of the problem took three years.

A large amount of money was spent on the bridge.

The invention was brought about by chance.


Albert told the police that Jerome had eaten at the restaurant in question before she died.

Trials can teach us many things. And much more than simply words.

Bring Edwin along.

Varda was very fond of Alex.

A burglar broke into your house while you were away on vacation.

You're very stylish.

Take Donn to the hospital.


The girl was busy making tea for her friend.

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.

I thought you wouldn't tell the teacher that I hadn't done my homework.


I took him to the most expensive restaurant on campus.

She told Tony.

Burn all of her pictures!


Industrious people look down on laziness.

Hold your breath, please.

Paper is, therefore, a veritable miracle created by man.

I was hoping for more than this.

I've only just started studying French.


Are there any more free spots?

Do you know what they're called?

What's the second most visited city in the world?

Oleg is happy that someone loves him.

I'm not here just to look good.


The country air will do you good.


I'm going to write her a note.

You can open the window.

It's not effective.

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Few know the truth of the matter.

He kissed her hand.

Republican Party leaders criticized President Hayes.

I don't care for that sort of thing.

Leila can't speak French. Hui can't speak French either.


Leonard bought drinks for everybody.

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Claire eats rice almost every day.

They were caught smoking.

The university decided to do away with this kind of examination.

Shuvra is very trusting.

Bob became a minister.

Everyone may go home.

Seenu seems busier than usual.


The bad weather prevented me from leaving.

Marion told me he didn't have much time.

Brian kept Kate waiting.


Did you sleep with her?

I go to work by car every day.

Lunch is at 12:00 to coincide with the Technical Group.

I used to live in the same apartment building as Suresh.

Josip said he saw something suspicious the morning Don died.


Can I tell them?

That's the best thing that could happen to me.

We searched all over for them.

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You always complain about your housing accomodations. You know you can't bring your "palace" with you when you die. You're mortal. Housing is temporary.


Do you have a better one?


He served his master well.

I can't be friends with Matthew.

How long do you want to stay in Boston?

How did she come here?

We came by to see how Randall was doing.


Oh, so you think you're a tough guy, huh?

That blow on the head knocked him out cold.

I heard that you had a date with Murph. How was it?

Virtue consists, not in abstaining from vice, but in not desiring it.

We'll let Christophe try.

The Ugandans depend on their coffee crop to bring money into the country.

"Known" is the opposite of "unknown".