Elsa tried to get back in boat.

She led the life of a princess.


He's lazy. He doesn't do anything; he only knows how to give orders.

How long did it last?

I would like to see Mr Holmes.

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Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.

I understand the issues.

It's worthwhile carrying out the idea.


When you were two years old, you could already count to ten.

King Suleiman was known for his wisdom.

He became a great pianist in this way.

I'm sure that tomorrow I'm not going to pass my exam.

Lawrence could've figured that out.

Don't give candy to my children.

What's your favorite poem?

You're bleeding everywhere; I'll help you up.

Triantaphyllos pulled his gun out of his holster.

Did you sleep all day?

Who will write the report?


I can't believe you actually said that.

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You did, didn't you?


Did you say anything to them?


I know your serious and extraordinary problem.

I left as soon as I had the chance.

Jess didn't make a move without consulting his parents.

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I'm sorry for them.

That's not Klingon, that's Greenlandic.

Hal tried a few different techniques.

I've got some photocopying to do.

My father worked hard night and day.

Edgar saw Kathryn take John's umbrella by mistake.

Oleg and Swamy shared a table.

I would like to use your word processor.

Maybe I am like him, or maybe you are. Maybe everyone is.

All in all, I enjoyed the lecture.

We need more farmers.

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It is because you do not do it, not because you are not able to do it.

I want to leave this difficult job to her.

Trang's party was as fun as a funeral wake.

Breast cancer is a disease.

Listen to me, all of you.

My specialty is French onion gratin soup.

Miss Tanaka! You are living with gentlemen house mates! Please refrain from being pantless!


Life is short, so I use Python.

I fully agree with his text.

It's amazing that Jean survived.

What'll we do?

Pamela has a British accent.


I want to be like Plastic.

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How much water did you drink this morning?

That flower is fragrant. I didn't pick it, however.

It's not time to go home yet.

How many dictionaries does this translator have?

Allocation of RAM usually involves a system call trough or not trough a system library or framework.

He's a tycoon.

May I see the wine list?

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Marcia stayed put.

I need a lamp.

We don't have too much time.

Maria is a very neat person, isn't he?

I have to go to the hospital tomorrow.

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Wasn't he killed by a car?


They have corrected it now.


The itching appeared several hours after eating.

Perhaps you should reconsider their offer.

Maria wanted to see Carlos before she left.


I bought it at a yard sale.

You don't need to explain.

I eat lunch in that restaurant every day.

I crossed the equator for the first time on my trip to Australia.

How much time do you spend studying French every day?

Mann knows who crashed into Florian's car.

You're incredibly hot.

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Would you like tea or coffee?

She doesn't wear thongs.

What I told them was true.

They will survive.

What am I writing now?


I'd like to forget it all.

Make it a little larger.

The beautiful Vasilissa came forward, as bright as a star, bowed to her sovereign, bowed to the honorable guests and danced with her husband, the happy Tsarevitch Ivan.

You see this sign here? It means that only handicapped people can park here. And this sign here means that only VIPs can park there. So don't be parking in either of those spots, you hear?

He's such a snob.

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It made me cringe.

We can't form our children on our own concepts; we must take them and love them as God gives them to us.

That doesn't sound right.

You should not despise a man just because he is poorly paid.

Maths was Jeannette's weakest subject at school, but this didn't stop him getting a job as a financial adviser.

In the past several years, the engine of world growth has been China.

There is no person to do it.

His advice counted for little.

That glittering accessory doesn't go with your sweatshirt. Try this on!

The point is they're too young.

Long live the Queen!

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Row me across the river.


Is there any chance that Holly will agree to the plan?

Elaine is discontented.

I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend.


What a weirdo.

Don't stay too long!

Was it necessary to inflict such a punishment on him?

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Jane is mature beyond her years.

I'm trying to be cautious.

Lowell used to play with dolls.

She is always smiling.

I call a fig a fig, a spade a spade.

The fire was extinguished quick.

At present he lives by himself and the rest of the world means nothing to him.

I have an accountant to do that.

He'll succeed for sure.

What should we do?

They're coming after us.

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I'll pay for the damages.

You'd have to have rocks in your head not to take advantage of this offer.

I am no younger than you are.

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I suggest you start studying for the test right away.

Vladimir helped the teacher decorate the classroom for Valentine's Day.

You're a star.


These are real.

He was traveling in the Philippines this time last year.

Did you make coffee?

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We don't have that data.

My friends always say that I'm too quiet, but my family says I'm too dull.

Most experts think a lot of his theory.


You must not leave right now.

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He can't tell a cherry tree from a plum tree, but he can name them in twelve languages.

Rik probably dyes his hair.

He is honest and hardworking, but his brother is quite otherwise.

Great figures don't meet high standards, but rather make their own.

I have no idea who might've done it.

I'm having a blast.

When is the party going to be?


That's the meat of a hen.

She loves trying new things.

There was danger lest the secret become known.

I lost my way in New York.

I want you to take me to them.

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Kimberly cheated on the geology exam.

Is everybody listening?

Have you already voted?

Anthony has a thing for you.

I'm giving up smoking.

I never expected that she would join us.

The leader of this country is fiercely anti-American.


Bullet-proof glass ensures safety but isn't widely available due to its high cost.

I feel sick.

This scene delights me.


He's gone senile.


Haven't you got any money?


Never say the word "bomb" on an airplane.

You should do something else.

What does he plan to do?


After the accident, he never could move his leg again.

A friend to all is a friend to none.

All lizards can lay eggs.

The important thing to us is a friend.

The evidence is indisputable.


Where is the cat?

Leo resigned.

You're not going like that, are you?


I thought you'd be here.