We will start as soon as possible.

I bent over to pick up the pen.

He has not written to them for a long time.

I don't need any bit of your charity.

It wasn't ours.

He put on his coat and left the house.

Anyone cherishes his native town in his heart.


I need help carrying Perry.


Put your hand up and step out of the vehicle.

And you think I'm going to pay for it? Catch me!

The Japanese live on rice and fish.

I am going to buy a new car.

The grass needs cutting.

Nathan named his dog Cookie.

The people who come on the Maury Povich show often make pretentious claims about their lovers cheating on them.

I have many discs.

June is a social season in London.

You should already be able to understand.

I didn't see Ramneek today.

We didn't see any girls in the group.

I know what my weaknesses are.

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I was hardly prepared.

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You don't have to do this.

He explained the matter in detail.

He said that the last bus leaves at 10:50 p.m.

I won't get caught.

You're just getting started.


The province supplies its neighbors with various raw materials.

Who do you think it is?

I have to start.


Who's in command?

I'll turn 13 the day after tomorrow.

I want you to get in the car.

Not being heard is no reason for silence.

Please make sure your seat belt is fastened.

Thanks for the chocolate. It was delicious.

Read such books as are useful to you.

What do you want to say to her?

What is your natural hair color?

Do you hear what I'm saying?

What the critic says is always concise and to the point.

The Chunnel was closed due to severe weather conditions.

Lord and Dan often eat dinner together.

Nancy is kind rather than gentle.

Al said he was a little tired.

The one whose butt got burned has to sit on the blisters.

What did you just tell Mann?


I don't want to impose.

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It was just a guess.

Bats are not birds, they're mammals.

We can't help Becky.

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Mitchell is very supportive of his colleagues.

Chechens have inclinations towards independence.

It's easy to fall into bad habits.

Sharan isn't going to listen to me.

Your plans are very good, but mine are better than yours.

Jussi refused to go to the hospital.

This bus doesn't stop here.


We can't trust anyone now.

I don't think Curtis knows that.

Let's get her out of there.

I've got to study.

Moe hardly ever complains to the boss.

Bela Lugosi acted in several movies.

Sid began climbing the ladder.


But the poor duckling, who had crept out of his shell last of all, and looked so ugly, was bitten and pushed and made fun of, not only by the ducks, but by all the poultry.

Sometimes these things happen for a reason.

He didn't come because of the storm.

I'm glad I make you happy.

I want to get this done.

Not only are all humans related, if you go back far enough you'll find you're also related to your dog.

I thought Saiid would agree with me.

He is full of anxiety to please his family.

Michelle hasn't written to me in a long time.

Though I am in the tiger's mouth, I am as calm as Mount Tai.

I promise I'll follow you on Instagram.

I think you're putting in too much sugar.

You'll be all right. I'm sure of it.

Apologizing isn't going to heal hundreds of second-degree burns, sir.

Teruyuki took a picture of the picture.


The girl Julia is talking with is Greg.

Our weekend plans were held in abeyance until we could get a weather forecast.

That smells good, don't you think?

Should we tell her what we did?

I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.

We've talked to them.

How many times have I told you to fold your clothes?


The Arctic is the area round the North Pole.

How long does Tony run every day?

The adjustment of the machinery was taken care of by engineers.

If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet.

Have you discussed it with her?

That's a big problem.

Kent was surprised that Gerard caught more fish than he did.


He blushed at his folly.

She laughed the way schoolgirls do, with her hand over her mouth.

Heidi didn't leave the door open.

You should visit him by appointment.

I'll be waiting to see you on television.

There are dumb people like Dan everywhere.

Knowledge without common sense counts for nothing.

You're very nice.

It was on a Christmas when it snowed heavily.

Who would buy one of those?

We need a steamboat.


Word splicing is funny.

I'm looking forward to my birthday.

I would like you to make tea for me.


He left school two weeks ago.

The knight Tristan loved the princess Iseult.

Sergei was really drunk last night.

I'm sorry about all this.

Who will replace Carisa?

The school is across from our house.

You didn't say a word.


Could you do that?

I met him on several occasions.

He has a great attachment to this town.

Stay here a minute.

The results of the term examination were anything but satisfactory.

A galaxy is a huge collection of gas, dust, and of stars and their solar systems.

I'm very happy for Roger.

No matter what happens, don't forget to smile.

His mother's letters were an anchor to the boy.

I didn't read the story.

My brother named his cat Huazi.

Mott jumped back just in time.

Axel has been looking for you.


This metal is comparable to iron in strength.

Using the taps is worth it and releasing the vents is not.

He has hardly studied this term.

He left the box unprotected.

Fletcher's car was going southbound on Park Street when it was T-boned by a car that ran a red light.

I give you my word on that.

He has a fertile imagination.


This is the first time I've ever switched off the heater in winter.

Irwin watched Huey.

I think what I give you is enough.


I came to talk to him.


How can you tell the difference?

I told Marie to leave it alone.

Would you agree to the plan in principle?


The Russian goalkeeper was struck by a laser pointer.

Cool the burned finger in running water.

No matter where you go, the sky will always be the same color.

She dived into the pool.

Shadow began to cry again.


Why don't you ask Israel?


I still want to go.


The sun is high.

Those twins look like two peas in a pod.

Nancy and Lynne have the same opinion.


What am I supposed to do?

I believe Andrea is right.

Tollefsen was thoughtless, wasn't he?

The price turned out to be lower than I thought.

Don't skip classes, okay?

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Sriram turned on the hot water tap.

You used to love coming here.

Ross can't remember exactly what Benjamin said.

Do you have something to do with this group?

Ron wants to pay off his debts.

Roberto said we should take a short break.

Remember to flush the toilet.

Dan has been trying to get a hold of you.

Yumi will use this camera tomorrow afternoon.

Have you received an answer to your letter?

You're going too far.

John burst into laughter when he was watching TV.

Murthy scribbled something on a piece of paper.


The body must be developed along with the mind.