I hate my neighbour.

I can do it too!

Dan is the bookkeeper and he has the money.

Can I drive, please?

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I knew where to go.

I need you to stop talking.

I have to hurry. My flight leaves in an hour.

The conference had a full house.

I'm obese.

I was wondering if I could sleep over at Kanthan's tonight.

Sofia is wasting time.

You keep on making the same mistake time after time.

I decided to enter the room.

Mott wants his mother properly cared for.

Let Triantaphyllos do his job.

I'm more optimistic about our prospects now.

You're not supposed to talk.


Root is allergic to peanuts.

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Once you skip a lesson, it's hard to catch up with your classmates.

I put on my shoes at once.

Bertrand died in the crash.


Here, please have a seat.

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I thought I had enough money.


Evelyn didn't buy anything at that store because he thought the prices were too high.

That's the book I told you about.

Have you ever seen her?


We appreciate it.


Why did you betray me?


He was cured of his bad habits.

Do you like sci-fi movies?

What did Frida Kahlo paint?

The man who shot him was Sirhan Bishara Sirhan.

Let me treat you to a cup of coffee at the coffee shop over there.

The bark of this tree is very rough.

The letter was written in terms of business.

Hand over your firearms.

I get your point, but I still don't agree.

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Would you mind not doing that?

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We are keeping a big dog.

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Bill dived into the river to save the drowning child.

It's a very decorative plant.

I have three questions for you.


He is almost always at home.

Jones is out of the picture, since he's too young.

The American anthropologist Margaret Mead once said that one should never underestimate what a small group of dedicated people can accomplish.

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My boss is married.


Is the new job going well for your younger brother?

They won't be happy until we're all dead.

Seven dollars, please.


Our school was reduced to ashes.

You're being too kind to me.

I try to help Christina every chance I get.

Jeany felt sick.

Moe is probably a little tired.

My mother's religion helped her to come to terms with my father's death.

Think about how you did me wrong.

Have you ever taken your children to the beach?

I want to look like her.

What could possibly have gone wrong?

You fainted.

All things considered, I'd rather be in Boston.

Are you asking me out on a date?

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My wife likes to eat out, so she doesn't have to cook.

Unfortunately, the plan backfired.

You can always rely on them.

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Why would somebody hit him?

My father often goes to the United States on business.

I don't want your gold or your silver.

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Phone robbery thwarted in unusual manner.

He gave us the signal to begin.

The lake is full of fish.

They let the bird out of the cage.

Several roads are flooded.

Please let me know the result by telephone.

Larry became very famous quickly.

I can wait for another hour.

Mac didn't know who Kyle's parents were.

I never want to drive in Boston again.

We demand justice.


Socorrito wants to speak to you right away.

You've got to see her home.

Forgive me! I haven't done anything wrong.


Teri won't believe Johan even if she swears it's true.

We probably won't see Glenn today.

How much time is left?


I can't believe you didn't recognize me.

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Damn, it's hot!

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If you don't want to buy some unnecessary thing, don't go to the fair.

I'm going to buy a dog tomorrow.

Don't do this to me again.

He gets everything because he's a brown-noser.

Cary was available.

Didn't I just tell you not to do that?

I'll go and look for her.



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There was nothing but sand as far as the eye could see.

I'm not in on Sunday.

It's a tough read.

That girl has quite a reputation.

Could I say something, please?

They live in a great house.

A lot of people around here like country music.

Alejandro said he wouldn't have gone to Terrence's party even if she'd invited him.

I think I could get used to living here.

You only have one choice.

Grandpa is not glad to be ninety-six.

I'm going to meet her there.

This is the longest bridge in the world.

His disappointment was obvious to everyone.

I neither walk nor run.

Shouldn't we say something?

I am tired of hearing it.


I'm going shopping at the supermarket.

Sulfur is used to make matches.

You must return immediately.

Julian isn't very polite.

You'd better rewrite the article.

I think you're taking this a little too hard.

If rain fails there will neither be charity nor be penence

We had a really big fight.

Dominick is very tolerant in his attitude toward religion.

It was our first time riding a tandem bicycle.

Guillermo couldn't make Jeannie understand what he meant.


You have to be strong.

One must always study.

She also has a good memory.

You must take care of yourself.

It's important to understand why.


You're a good waitress.

Perhaps I can be of some assistance.

The new product's sales exceeded expectations.


He studied on his own.

The buds on that tree are about to pop open.

Eddy looked at Milner sharply.

We must make sure that this information is correct.

What an incredible day!

He is the last person to tell a lie.

"Are you a child or a teetotum?" asked the sheep.

I figured Carter would like Michel.

Mining is one of the main sources of wealth in Chile.

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Troy deserves a second chance.


I won't let him come here again.

Why should I lift and finger to help Sumitro?

The soldiers were making for the enemy camp.


If you cross with a red light, it's against the law.

What do you take me for?!

I've said it before and I'm saying it again: don't touch my things!


I didn't want to kill her.

We've worked really hard on this.

My canker hurts, so I can't really eat.

It's ironic, isn't it?

I thought Win and Marc were busy.

Reiner has answered all the questions.

The word is frequently used in this sense.


Do you often take business trips?

I'm glad you're all right.

I've heard that chocolate doesn't make fat. I wonder if that's true.


Why aren't you listening to me?


Niall is apparently an honest person.

Is there anything that needs to be done?

Tell Bradley it's an emergency.

Who started unwrapping a new jar of Nutella?

What makes you smile?