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Large commercial, institutional and governmental buildings generally do not operate at their highest achievable levels of energy efficiency. Performance monitoring projects across the US have documented the potential to conserve 15 to 30% of energy use through improved operation and maintenance practices. 

A multi-year project is underway to develop and apply technology to improve building operation and maintenance. An interdisciplinary team has been gathered to: 

  • Assess the current state of performance technology
  • Develop an appropriate information gathering and diagnosis capability
  • Test this new diagnostic system in real buildings
This system is being developed as a collaborative effort among researchers, building owners, utilities and private industry. This system is called the Information and Monitoring Diagnostics System (IMDS).  A pilot demonstration of this system was installed in 1998 in a San Francisco office building.  In the current phase of the project, a second-generation system is being installed in a Sacramento office building. 

A longer summary of this project is available on the 5163603709 web site.   Visit the Virtual Tour for complete specifications of the IMDS installations in San Francisco and Sacramento. For analysis and reports, please visit the Publications and Status Reports sections. 

Sponsored by the California Institute for Energy Efficiency (CIEE), the California Energy Commission (CEC), and the U.S. Department of Energy .


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