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Changing the future of patients by empowering them to connect

Our purpose is to enable patients on a global level to find the latest treatments and clinical trials based on their specific profile. Transforming the future for patients requires the entire industry to work together. Our Social Genomics platform connect patients, relatives, medical specialists, academics, hospitals, life science researchers and regulators on a shared technology platform. We believe that we should learn from every patient. Because every story is unique. Connecting those stories leads to unique insights to provide patients the best cure.

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Global challenge

Lifesaving information resides in our genes.

It informs us about our health, if we suffer from a genetic disease, whether we or our children are carriers of a genetic disease and how we respond to drugs and medication. This information can save your life and the lives of many others. Using this knowledge you can find the best treatment based on your profile. This can save your life and your children.

The new Tomorrow

Imagine a world where vital and live saving medical information is within reach of the people who need it most

Imagine we could use the power of AI and collective intelligence to empower rare disease patients to initiate their own personal research to find live saving answers and treatments.

Genomics & AI to access and connect lifesaving information

By using advanced matchmaking algorithms based on genomic patient data we can link the right questions to the right people and datasources that are available in the field of genomics. Your data will be secure and only available for the people.

Insights, not just data

At the core, Social Genomics is a molecular insight company connecting patients, doctors and scientists based on genomic patient data to advance healthcare. Our unique knowledgebase, will be the first real-world data platform, with –omics data, anonymized patient records, and other social information designed to help patients, researchers and biopharma companies advance precision medicine develop new therapies, and design better trials.

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Leading tech company in the transformation to improve personal health for genetic disease patients!

Social Genomics is the first patient-centered smart technology platform for patients with genetic disease and their relatives. Using our technology, patients can share their genomic patient data and instantly connect with the latest treatments and clinical studies based on their profile.

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About the founder

Social Genomics was founded in 2017 by Susanne Baars, a scientist who built a career in the field of genomics, performing research at several prominent institutes around the world. Being born and raised in a medical family specialized in genomics she witnessed first hand that there is more knowledge to save lives of millions of children. As professional in the field Susanne expects to be able to help them. But even with her medical knowledge, the system did not allow her to find a treatment. Social Genomics was founded to save those whose lives can still be saved.

Our team

Our team is driven by purpose, determined and caring. Many of us have a personal experience with rare diseases, either they lost a child or they are fighting for finding a cure. So we understand the desire to know about all available options when diagnosed with a rare disease. While we come from various backgrounds, each member of our team contributes to our mission. A global mission which is greater than ourselves.

Experience the ease of finding someone like you.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and our algorithms will start searching. You will receive an automatic update about up to date information based on your profile.

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Cultivating a Community of Partners

Every insight we gain towards better care for patients with genetic disease we share. As insights are multiplied by a hyper-connected social networks such with physicians, biopharma, researchers, patient advocacy organizations and world-leading medical centers. Together, we are empowering patients to find the answers they need to take care of themselves and their children.

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“Our mission is to bridge this deadly gap between patients and the lifesaving knowledge they need”

Susanne Baars – CEO Social Genomics

“Each patient story is unique. And each story informs all those cases that will come in the future.”

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