How long do we stop here?

My mum has three dogs.

Alfred laughed at Erick's joke.

They have never even heard of the US.

Can I talk to you about Kayvan?

That's what I'm worried about.

Of course, I remember you.

Ramanan didn't have his cell phone with him, so he couldn't call Kinch to tell her he'd be late.

I'm going to need some help.

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History is like a waltz, eternally following the three steps of war, peace and revolution.

She saw somebody waiting for her next to the school.

You shouldn't have gone to all this trouble on my account.

Marcela used to listen to 80's music.

He may be sick in bed.

When Barbara entered the kitchen, the floor was covered in water.

I received a call from Root this afternoon.


Don't play dead.

Rajarshi should've listened to Samir.

Bill is a complete idiot.

We often watch TV while we're eating breakfast.

Will you carry it out for me?

My best friend always gives me good advice.

Smoking is not permitted here.

You can afford to speak frankly.

Our bad luck was temporary.

He told me to give you this.

How many payments will it take to pay off this loan?

They are merely different.

After a long investigation, the police finally captured the suspected arsonist.

Try to look happy.

Dan questioned Linda about the whereabouts of his ex-boyfriend, Matt.

She knew the number.

Are you Catholic?

What specifically looks wrong?

I don't even like him.

Stay home so that you can answer the phone.

They granted his request.


We didn't create it.


I think it's time for me to step aside.

The world is changing rapidly.

Why did you fire Revised?

What's your favorite day of the week?

He studied hard with the intention of passing the examination.

He bought a book and gave it to his father.

Frances never opens that window.

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I am not in the least concerned about the result.

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Bert has already gone home.

His voice quavered with anger.

I'd like to help, but I've got a plane to catch.


Anyone who has made a promise should keep it.

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The problem is that I don't have any money.

It feels good, doesn't it?

Wendy has a six-figure salary.

The king reigned over the island.

Dani said more than he had planned to.

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We couldn't help Case.

Don't expect to find philosophy in the poems of a twenty-year-old youth.

Don't feed the ducks.

We're very grateful for your help.

It will cost 500 dollars to fly to Paris.

Did he succeed in passing the examination?

The garrison saw no choice but to surrender.

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I'm a patient man.

If dinner isn't ready by seven, I'm going to a restaurant.

I'm talking about you.

Absolutely do not tell other people.

Leo hasn't been to Australia yet.


Louie was chosen from among 500 applicants.

I wish I had a better memory.

What's the minimum salary in Belarus?

Get over here, Victor.

She's worried about your safety.


Why should I talk to him?

I'm not going to sell this painting.

It is my bedroom.

Can you wait a minute?

I translate into Esperanto for free.

He doesn't have money to buy himself a new car.

It is there.

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Long cherished dreams don't always come true.

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I would rather not go to school today.


I have no time to engage in gossip.

When do you think that you'll see her?

He isn't himself anymore.

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Kriton lives in the worst part of town.

The fence is part wood and part stone.

After being exposed to a large amount of radiation, vomiting and diarrhea will start quickly.

Beautiful poppies were growing beside the road.

Is Claude in the picture?

I love him with all my heart.

He was surprised by the sudden appearance of his friend.

She doesn't do anything else.

We just couldn't do that.

I've always admired them.

It's important to understand why.


Fruit gives me gas.

Choose three books at random.

He has just graduated from college.

Check this out.

I can't believe you've done this to me.

Metin doesn't know what to do about it.

I may have told you this story before.

After kissing Taurus, Tahsin left for work.

Where is your dog?

Did you stop at the red traffic light?

What an irrelevant question!

We must never do this again.

He considers himself a guardian of moral standards.

He always invited me to his dinner parties.

Let's all pray together.

He didn't even look over the papers.

You must put these mistakes right.

Ping loved us both.

What else do I need?

We'll need to talk to him.

The same applies here.

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We should change something.

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Her letter cast a new light on the matter.


Oh, sweet name of freedom!

My year in Africa was a very educational experience in many ways.

When he runs out of knives, Lyle butters his toast with a spoon.

I turned her down.

You are supposed to take off your shoes when entering a house in Japan.

Am I the only one who thought Omar and Roger were going to get married?

I will most likely choose him as our president.


I knew them personally.


From every hole and corner in the hut mice came pattering along the floor, squeaking and saying: "Little girl, why are your eyes so red? If you want help, then give us some bread."

He needs a bath.

I have a feeling you and I have an awful lot in common.


He is a poet and statesman.

When did you start writing songs?

You always ask me to join your team because you need one more guy. Come on - just once I'd like you to say it's because I alone am worth ten of them - even if it is a lie.

The university has turned out competent doctors.

He is suffering from a cold.


They're going to hang him.

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Joon doubled his investment in a year.

A background check is required.

Do you have any plans for tomorrow?


She should be freezed!

The only one who knows how to do that is Cyrus.

I'm not in the mood to go downtown.

She looked stupefied in amazement.

What time do you get up in the morning?


Mayuko came up with him.

I will have to learn how to make beef fried rice.

Hillary pulled three bills out of his wallet.

My rifle's empty.

There were three empty beer cans on the dining room table in front of Lea.

Who else do you know that can speak French?

I'm just trying to help Spudboy out.

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The first thing my mother said was: "Are you crazy?"

She's putting the children to bed.

I wasn't planning on it.

You're expected to hail it as a triumph.

Why is that ridiculous?

The President is to make a statement tomorrow.

We weren't allowed backstage.

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Both Ken's mother and her friend will arrive at the airport soon.


It was exactly like you said it would be.


Spy wanted to buy those sunglasses, but they were too expensive.

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So as to keep himself awake, Nathaniel drunk a few cups of coffee.

Elsa was supposed to be here by 2:30.

Be prepared for the worst.

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You'll know soon.

Cathryn has known Jennifer a long time.

What kind of animals live around here?