Have a cookie.

He and I are very happy about this message.

I'm the owner of this restaurant.

We had to show our papers at the security desk.


Human beings are created to create things.

The freedom of the press should not be interfered with.

My children like saccharum.

When I was twenty two years old, I was the master of the breast stroke.

Carlos didn't want Panos to wear any jewelry.

It would have seemed a lot funnier, if it weren't happening to her.

Emily hates toilets.


We're sorry for any inconvenience.

They are more or less the same size.

If you say so, you are telling a lie.

This cheese has a sharp taste.

I will deal with him myself.

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Someone told me to look you up.

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Let us daydream!

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I think this tastes good.

Do you think Noemi can swim?

They stayed at home because it was very cold.

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He asked me whether she had given me the book, or if I had bought it myself.

You're welcome here anytime, Stacy.

She is going to have a baby this month.

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I burned all the letters that you wrote me.

If I could afford it, I would buy an electric car.

My friend went to Gothernburg.

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She reached for the bag.

The thief hid in the dark doorway.

I know your brother very well.

Learning Klingon will be of great use for his career as a businessman.

I'm sorry to bother you about this at work.

The next two years were busy ones for Jackson.

I'd realised that...

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Sorry, I don't feel well.

I'm not impersonating you.

I'm going to meet her there.

He had many political enemies.

What did I say to upset you?

Not so close!

To my surprise, there were no people in the village.

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Her ex-boyfriend was very possessive and confrontational.

What is she doing out here?

Bruce left to go fishing shortly before dawn.


Marvin didn't know how many of his students needed help.

The initiative measurably improved quality of life for the villagers.

I cut up all but one of my credit cards.

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While Eugene is busy translating sentences from Russian to English, I'll quickly add some Belorussian translations and jump ahead of Uyghur.


The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.


Does Torsten have a license?

He has over a million dollars in assets.

When she asked him what was so unusual about him, he showed her his wallet.


It's as though the incident never happened.

Trent was found out drinking on the job.

Pantelis is one of my good friends.

"Those likes Isabelle." "I think that's obvious to everyone."

I understand why.

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Brent doesn't wear pajamas. He sleeps naked.

I've always wanted to meet them.

I used to know Christian quite well.

I'll send you a post card from Boston.

To speak a foreign language is to break a boundary. To speak many languages is to break several. But to speak Esperanto is to want to break all at once.


I remember what you said.

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By whom was this machine invented?

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I don't scare them.

Owen is young, rich, spoiled and egocentric.

Who brought you?


That was a test.

Neil felt like a fool.

When it is possible to have peace, he chooses war.

Tovah is quite good at cooking.

I'll ask The what he thinks.

There's a movie theater on the corner.

If he comes, what should I say to him?

When can I use my telephone?

Why would Earle have been here?

Sanjeev hasn't slept at all since the day before yesterday.

She is my mistress!

Butler's wife filed for divorce after the incident.

I can be fair.

It looks like an apple.

The gramophone was born of Edison's brain.

I took one off.

What does Bobby think he's doing?


I'll save you the trouble.

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That's an interesting thought.

My foot really hurts.

His book is very interesting.

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You and I don't always agree.

I'm scared shitless.

Halloween is over!

This river is not polluted.

Are you enjoying the play?

Those are the risks.

You're asking the wrong guy.

Tell her everything.

I didn't know you were there.

The rain came down in rods.

You have to overcome the difficulties.

Let's go look around.

The qipao is a classic female garment that originated in 17th century China.

Who is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon, clear as the sun?

Hit the brakes!

We need to find Rhonda before he does something stupid.

We had an awesome time at the zoo.

Who's this hot babe?

My mother noticed that my feet weren't clean.

The chickens were killed by a fox.

Are you coming to my party?


Regular attendance is required in that class.


You scared me! Don't sneak upon me from behind!

That's a very deep and interesting question.

These products are selling like hot cakes.

Don't talk to them like that.

I don't often go to lunch with Glynn.

Let her answer.

I have never dared to speak to her.

She's an undergrad.

Pierre promised he wouldn't tell anybody.

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You need to write more neatly.


I finished eating breakfast while Stanley was getting ready for school.

We are puppets to the gods.

Something's clearly bothering Adlai.

I've never even met her.

I had the same thing happen to me last month.

These facts support my hypothesis.

Thomas isn't athletic.

Who were your companions on this trip?

I hope Aimee writes soon.

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You can't touch the paintings.

We sent for a doctor.

My apartment is near here.

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It looks like somebody was trying to pry open this window.

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I might not be able to buy it until next month.

It's important we find them.

Did you know that this is a sentence?

One of them is gestures.

It's just big enough for him.


I think you should tell Jurevis why you don't like him.


I want to be invited.

Bobby doesn't think that's right.

I thought you weren't going to get here on time.

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Shake the medicine bottle before use.

There exists only one possibility now.

Dannie found this clock at a garage sale.


I'm sure Herbert doesn't like Shutoku.


We've already decided not to do that.

Why doesn't anybody help us?

Merat put his car into park.

It is important to eliminate the social unrest.

Once and for all, let's get this over with.


He also was very serious.

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There wasn't anyone in the park.


"What would you like to buy?" "I would like to buy a dog."

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I'm a nomad for life.

You've really fixed this place up. It looks good.

In each human heart are a tiger, a pig, an ass and a nightingale. Diversity of character is due to their unequal activity.

Ira isn't thinking straight.

Can I give you some unsolicited advice?

I don't have any artistic talent.

I don't know how I feel.