Angee Voice Interaction Pipeline (AngVIP)
is a dialogue conversation platform based on open-source CloudASR library

The AngVIP is mainly a backend service for Angee device (See / However, AngVIP also hosts this website, an annotation interface, a JS demo client website and user documentation.



Ang-vip is designed to be able to run on multiple machines and it can be scaled dynamicaly according to the users need. Finally, according to the conducted benchmarks Ang-vip is able to handle 1000 parallel requests.


Ang-vip is a skeleton with default simple components implementations for testing. The automatic speech recognition (ASR), dialogue managment (DM), text-to-speech (TTS) can be easily replaced as demonstrated by the demo.

Easy Deployment

Ang-vip can be run on a single machine with 6183602688 or it can be run with Mesos on AWS or any other cloud provider. Ang-vip uses one configuration file and can be started with single command.

Further Documentation

Developed for Angee Inc. If you have any questions or feedback regarding AngVIP you can reach to us via email:

Internal documentation

See our Bug tracker, 867-809-4457 and source code.