What do you like to do on Sundays?

From one year to another year.

He took part in the race.

You and I shouldn't be talking.

Morgan claims that Google Translator translates better than I do. This is a bold lie

I was caught in a shower on my way home from school, got soaking wet and caught a cold.

I'm very happy to hear about the party.

Are you being paid for doing this?


Nothing will make up for his past mistakes.

What's your favorite way to cook potatoes?

As soon as I've finished doing that, I'll help you.

Get out of the bathroom once and for all!

By and by Mt. Fuji came into sight.

I marveled at seeing the Chinese people burning coal.

The bank will cash your fifty dollar check.

How did you feel afterwards?

This is rather strange.

I'm just not ready.

I have work for him.

Do you think Marika is ready to accept to live in Algeria?

The good old friends will stand by your side.

Hanako has attended an American college for four years.

Women don't like Plastic.

I'd like her to be happy.

Francois knows the family.

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This Sunday, there's a festival at the Hakusan shrine. How about going together in our yukatas?

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The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.

That's a bummer.

Cynthia hasn't been convicted.

It is said that treasure is buried in this area.

Everybody's fault is nobody's fault.


I'm starved.

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You called us, didn't you?


Here, try these.

The writer is well known to us.

There are countless heavenly bodies in space.


The clock is accurate and dependable.

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Gunter doesn't owe anybody anything.


Don't you worry about Tareq?


The main idea of the book relied on a false premise.


What's your biggest fear?

You should arrive at school before eight.

Reid is gritting his teeth in obvious pain.


What time does the train get in?


Ji died in an automobile accident.

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No one knew who she was.


Sooner or later, someone is going to have to tell Jack that he needs to behave himself.

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He is saving money so that he may buy a motorcycle.


Have you got it yet?

I know Marc can handle Tanya.

You can owe me.

I gave my vote to Ken.

As it happened, I had no money with me.

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I want to find out when Tai is planning to finish doing that.

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Your pronunciation is more or less correct.


I told them not to come here.


You were considerate not to disturb us.

He is too small.

I'll cover for you.

Do you have a back exit?

I let my guard down momentarily.

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That's not how the world works.

Vishal won't bother you anymore.

Since when has Marcus been living here?

Do you know by chance her name?

With Mickey, Rhonda felt like a queen.

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No one else knows it.

Presley boiled the eggs.

Did you respond badly to your father?


She seems to have a tendency to exaggerate things.

Murat and Kory talked for hours.

What are your favorite vowels?


Among all cheeses, the one that I like is Camembert. I love its smell because it makes me nostalgic.

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Success depends mostly on effort.

I'm not done with Mats.

My brother doesn't speak English at all.

Did you tell Samir he could borrow your car?

Arrogance leads to a person's downfall.


There's no way to please everyone in this industry.

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Watch out for Heinz. He has wandering hands.

Mayo can afford to eat at expensive restaurants every day.

"What're you making?" "It's pumpkin soup."

Syd expected Dimitry to kiss her.

Gretchen often goes shopping alone.

They eat fish on Fridays.

He is the man whom we all respect.


Olivia and Emma are friends.

I didn't think I'd be first.

If there are no taxis, we'll have to walk.

I also like cake.

If you need my homework, I'll stop by your house and give it to you when I'm done.

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Elwood and Kristin are still bored.


I'm trying to help him.

I did not know that she has a child.

I had little expectation for him.

Where's everybody else?

Shamim says he'll never give up.

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I sort of doubt it.

Neil is a mountain climber.

This is an opera in five acts.


Almost all the students like English.

Fill her up with regular. I am paying cash.

I am in full accord with your view.

Vincent doesn't have a lot of time.

Our teacher is always cool.


It's bloody freezing here!

Did you invite them to the party?

The bottles were stopped with corks.


I feel like a new man.

The problem is worse than I thought.

Stop and think it over for a minute.

You're a very bad person.

We need to burn all these letters.

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I think we were lied to.

We ended up having a big argument.

Since his childhood he wanted to become a pilot, and he did.


I really like these stories.

How long does a relationship usually last in Brazil?

Please come back home.

Belgium is called "Belgien" in German.

The moon is exceptionally pretty tonight.

I hit him on the chin.

There's a friendly air around the office.

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Consult your doctor.

Owen is almost in position.

People who drink alcoholic beverages are not allowed to enter.

Since I became relatively unconcerned about hurting other people's feelings, sending an email has also become easier.

I did it all on my own.

Eduardo grew up in Boston.

Are you sure this is the right train?

I'm not stuck.

The house stood out because of its unusual shape.

It was only a passing fad.

He seemed to have been ill.

Most countries indulge in a little historical revisionism.

What did Kate mean?


You have to report to the police at once.

Gunter seemed disappointed.

I almost felt sorry for her.


I won't blow you off again.

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The rain water is evaporating on a hot day.

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The cigarette smoke annoyed the other passengers.

If you have done something intrusive or instigating

I couldn't have done this without him.

Hillary used to tell me I was beautiful.

I don't like this at all.

Major sat down and read the paper.

I want to protect Ilya.

She's been having trouble with back pain for years.

What surprised you the most?


Without Sho, Nichael would have no one to turn to.

I've got boxes to unload.

They had stickers on their cars reading: "First Iraq then France".


Here's a list of people I want to invite to our wedding.

Earnie is imaginative.

At dinner time they stopped for a while to rest and eat.