I haven't cut down the plum tree yet.

She wore a plain blue dress.

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Mikael kept his distance.


Passion is one of her characteristics.


Are these your children?


Would you like to try it on?

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You're entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts.

I fear for the future of mankind.

I'm not a doctor, but a teacher.

Frances put the screws in a small plastic bag.

Mohammad and Harry often had their morning coffee on the front porch.

He used every chance to practice English.

He's helping me.

How melodramatic!

Now I'll add the finishing touch.

Don't expect me to believe such a tall tale.

Simon heard someone calling him.

Such was his courage that he feared nothing.

You should not inflict any injury on others on any account.

What makes you so sure it's not a fake?

I thought you used to live in a trailer.

I went to church with Per.

Have you done your Christmas shopping?


If I'd known it, I'd have told you.

How do you know for sure?

That he comes here is surprising.


He professed to know nothing about it.


Are you scared to talk to girls?

I left New York two weeks ago.

No wild tigers are to be found in Africa.

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He doesn't have a hat on.

We have rejoiced over his discovery.

I've never seen a whale that big.

The thief got his hand cut off.

I feel itchy everywhere.

What's your favorite baseball team?

I can't let Hugh know.

Why don't you adapt your way of life to circumstances?

How are you today?

Hold it!

I think the plan was perfect.

Fred reloaded his pistol.

Reinhard concealed his pistol under his coat.

This cannot be got across with words.

We've done that in the past.

Briggs walked into the room, carrying a bouqet of flowers.

We'll proceed exactly as you suggest.

This stopped Ann.

We were busy working all night.

Julia and Nora both looked surprised.

Everyone respects Erkin.

Hold still for a moment, please.

Let's not worry about what others think.


Genius is but one remove from madness.

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If you lie, your tongue will get halved!

I have storage space.

Niall was very concerned.


Panos bought a hat.

It's going to be hard.

It's practical to have a laptop.

Cherish the thought.

I recommend that you don't do that anymore.

You are accusing me unfairly.

Do I have it right?

"Have you ever played football?" "Yes, but I haven't played in a while."

We have hard jobs.

Lukas's teacher told him to pay more attention to his punctuation.

Your shirt is stained.

The man is mourning after receiving sad news.

What was that supposed to mean?

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I prefer biking.

Cathrin looks freaked out.

I can't believe you told them.


Are you playing with me?

Eva is eager to go there.

I was in the hallway on the second floor of the hospital.


The sun gives light by day, and the moon by night.

Jarmo is the one who told me that Meeks didn't like me.

I can't confirm that that's the actual number of deaths.

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Jianyun seems impatient.

The bus ticket in Brazil is quite expensive.

I'm afraid I have an inflammation in my eyes.

You're not expected to do anything we wouldn't do ourselves.

The antagonist is simultaneously a strawman for everything the author hates and the most likeable character by several orders of magnitude.


I think you're doing well.

Once you reach the age of sixty, you become a senior.

Choose carefully.

They were playing footsie under the table.

Green water is not good to drink.

I expect I'll have to do that for Jon.

The only people who do this are tourists.

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I never thought of that before.

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We've met only once.


It's a messy situation.

Let me alone.

I could swim faster when I was young.


Have everything ready.

I had to go home.

What time do you usually leave for work?

No one knows whether his love for his sister was sexual or brotherly.

It's open ten to six daily throughout the year.

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I felt like an outcast among those people.

His criticisms were aimed at the Japanese government.

I don't understand the rules of the game.


I've never heard of such a strange story.

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I want to know where I need to go.

He left his son a large fortune.

Did you tell Kusum to clean out the garage?

Our eyes take time to adjust to the dark.

I know what I'd like to believe.


I went to many shops to look for the book.

Why are you closing the store?

Aimee won't go along with that.

Mariou always dreamed of becoming a bounty hunter.

I've decided to stop eating meat.

Laurianne thinks it'll be OK.

The police suspended Mosur's licence on the spot.

How many groups on WhatsApp have you joined?

I think that was the best movie I've ever seen.

Starting off, first on the agenda is about this morning's two-in-a-bed ruckus.

Kelvin also was very sick.

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I wanted to ask you something.

Don't say such a thing again.

You weren't married to the tattooed guy they took away in handcaffs?

What's the upside to that?

Let's not forget.


It is clear that he is rich.

How long are you going to be seeing that loser of a boyfriend?

Contrails are long, narrow, ice-crystal clouds that form behind jet planes flying at high altitudes in below-freezing temperatures. They result from the condensation of water vapor remaining in jet exhaust.

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How big he is!


Carol is studying Spanish.

You have to try again.

Helge took a trip to Boston.

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We're looking forward to seeing you.

His feet are dirty.

It is no less than two hours' walk from here.


There was a crowd of people at the entrance of the theater.


His success is out of question.


It's dangerous to dive in shallow water.

I accept, but only under one condition.

I stepped on something weird.


It takes 10 minutes to walk to the station.

I have to put down your new address.

Raanan was afraid that no one would ask her to dance.

What exactly do you intend to do with this?

Rusty can sing better than anybody else I know.

We have to do the work in a day.

How is the discovery related to the progress of science?

Who doesn't love her?

Mickey didn't want Courtney to leave the room.

Never have I seen such a crowd of people.

I'll go talk to Lenora now.

There were strange guys at the bank this morning.

Leave it to the professionals.


Is it true that Tal jumped in front of a bus?

Lull your baby to sleep.

It's not easy to explain.


I will stay with you provided that you stay here.

If I could stay longer, I would.

It was really cheap.


It's too late.


Mahesh came to see me three days ago.