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He fell a victim to a deadly disease.

No sooner had he seen me than he ran away.

Man does not live by bread alone.


Izzy didn't eat any more than usual.

That woman is beautiful.

I'm not ready to run a car dealership in Boston.

They finished eating.

You have to keep doing that for another three hours.

It's not ridiculous.

My fate isn't in your hands.


The choice is yours.

I never get mad.

May I use your typewriter?

Are you trying to get me mad?

It looks like Olof is in love.

I'm not in any particular hurry.

Do you have a piece of paper I can write on?


I just wanted Becky to shut up.

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I've gadded enough of that story.

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The hunter wore camouflage clothing.

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Timothy got in the truck and turned the key in the ignition.


He's been grounded for a week.

Yona Wallach had been a postmodernist two decades before the term "Postmodernism" was even conceived.

I still need to buy food for the party.

You need a bit of courage to say that you love him.

He told me that his father was a doctor.


I can't believe Justin would say that to you.


Why are you so late?


"What kind of music do you want to hear?" "Put on something romantic."

He is stronger than I am.

His son is yelling at him.

I guess I'm getting used to it.

What you're suggesting doesn't sound like it'll work.


Please get out of here.

I bought the pig yesterday.

We have four seasons in Japan.

I'll see you in the morning.

I have never heard him complain.


I feel pretty good about it.

Why are they mad?

As long as it doesn't interrupt the game!

She resembles that actress.

We could've called for help.


Maybe she can tell you more.


She had a crush on him.


We start here in two hours.


Did I touch a raw nerve?

You'll need some help.

You didn't really see a ghost - it was only imaginary.

Who says that simple things aren't good?

I could take very good care of you.


I will come.

There is a curious story about an Englishman.

The pastor's sermons may bore you, but they are morally edifying.

She didn't put any cheese in her pasta dish.

Dan insisted on taking a lie detector test.

I like all vegetables except for cabbage.

Hey, I heard that.

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Relative to other courses I've taken, this one is pretty easy


I'll try to change their minds.

I'm very grateful for your help.

Claire is disturbing Morton.

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It's too creepy.

It is aptly said that necessity is the mother of invention.

I can't tell for sure.

He fell ill from overeating.

I hope Calvin isn't watching us.

You never told me that you wanted to learn how to play the banjo.

Did you know them personally?

I was taken in by his good looks and gracious manners.

It goes without saying that she is happy.

I can't change what I've done.

He is a waiter in a seaside restaurant.

I love the competition.

He jumped about the room.

I'm sure Miltos told you I was coming.

There was a banner on the wall that said "Happy Birthday."

Sanjeev, what do you think?

She passed away peacefully last night.

Someone tried to poison him.

Teachers shouldn't fall back on their authority.

I have a new plan.

While he was giving the speech, the sound of a gunshot could be heard.

I told them to tell you that.

He's hiding something.


The teacher distributed the handouts to the students.

Mt. Fuji soars heavenward.

I cooked dinner for them.

I came to Japan two years ago.

I will help.

Gabriel Garko is as beautiful as Raul Bova.

I have difficulty learning languages.

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I gave in to her demands.

He was innocent.

I cooked dinner last night.

How long have you known me?

I thought you might know Laurie's phone number.

While staying in Paris, I happened to meet him.

Let's clear this up right now.

I think I like it a bit darker these days.

He is not down yet.


Expedited delivery will cost an additional ten dollars.

You're ten years too young to be driving a Lexus.

She likes jazz, and I do, too.

There's no instruction manual for parenthood.

She swam until she was exhausted and then went back to the house.

I met Samuel in the park.

I don't think I'd want to do that.


Your ad could be here.

Guido is completely correct.

Let's see what I can get.

This is the main street of this city.

Myrick is very timid.

Nicolas wondered what Rolf was going to do.

I found out where he is.


What color, in numbers?

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When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The teacher said, "Please review chapters 3 through 11 for the upcoming quiz."

Donnie told me how the movie ended.


There is nothing to do today.


I live within spitting distance of the subway station.

I saw a joyful smile on his face.

Hornets are better than their reputation.

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It will rain on and off today, so you'd better take your umbrella.

What has Masanobu accomplished?

Have you ever seen the picture painted by Picasso?

We will all die.

Do you need this book?

I'm a police officer in Boston.

It's impossible to translate this sentence without a dictionary.

I think you should hold your horses a little.

They were walking two abreast.


I don't want to be you.

He is no longer a boy.

They said his army was not strong enough to attack.

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Adam told the doctor that he felt no pain.

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Marla is proud of his past.

Can you afford that?

You're pretty good at this.

Everything in that house revolved upon Aunt Liza.

I can't live like this anymore.

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Are you in a good mood?


I'm moving in with her.

I really hope not.

In order to fully understand how a word is used, it needs to be used in many different contexts.

I know my job.

Pick out the shirt that you like best.

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You'd better see a doctor and get a shot.

We can't worry about that right now.

Edward is younger than Robert.

Women no longer are satisfied with their traditional role of housewife, and are seeking recognition of needs in the workplace.

There's no shame in losing to such a great player.

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The truth is, Ellen liked you a whole lot.


I'm feeling much better today.

Don't play poker with Clarence.

This is the very thing that you need.


All you have to do is fill in this form.

I'm pretty sure it's after 2:30.

Whenever he comes up to Tokyo, he stays at our house.

You've got it made.

We marched in the rain.