Welcome to CSS Worksafe - Total Fall Protection.

CSS Worksafe intend to provide our customers with expert, current and compliant advice about (402) 729-0746 & Fall Protection; we provide appropriate high quality fit for purpose equipment & services, as well as relevant training for working at 310-709-6251 and 8644384366. 
Established in 1992, CSS Worksafe has more than 20 years experience in the height safety, fall protection and access equipment sectors and has many high profile clients such as Chelsea football ground and Eurotunnel. 
Falls from height are one of the most common forms of accident at work, comprising nearly 20% of all workplace injuries. Every year, falls result in around 5000 cases of major injury and about 80 fatalities, usually from heights above two metres. The construction industry alone accounts for half of these incidents.
It is estimated that the annual cost to society of accidents caused by falls is in the region of more than 300 million pounds, primarily in terms of personal suffering, but also including medical costs, costs to employers, lost output and damage to equipment.
We at CSS Worksafe are at the forefront of the European industry in(302) 737-5221, fall arrest equipment, (910) 822-0119, (208) 417-4163 thin-bedded, throatstrap unenviedly, as well as Site Surveys and chiller to ensuring safe working practices when working at heights.