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Take the time to look through our website and educate yourself on the benefits and the solutions that our decorative concrete systems can provide. After you have informed yourself,...

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Elite Crete Systems engineers and manufactures the most complete and extensive line of professional grade decorative concrete and industrial flooring systems and concrete solutions....

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E100-UV1™ Crystal Clear Self Levelling Epoxy Resin

E100-UV1™ Clear Epoxy Resin from Elite Crete Systems is a perfectly clear, two component, higher viscosity, self levelling, solvent less, 100% true solids, high gloss, non...

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Decorative Concrete & Industrial Epoxy Flooring Systems

Elite Crete Australia Decorative Concrete Manufacture & SupplierElite Crete Australia is the exclusive supplier to the industry leading manufacturer of products and systems for the decorative concrete, industrial flooring and concrete resurfacing industries.  With over 130 offices worldwide and thousands of approved applicators available, sourcing a suitable system to meet you or your clients demands is a phone call away.

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to concrete is that it is grey, cold and unattractive, however this could not be any further from the truth. Concrete floors, concrete driveways, pool decks, patios, garage floors, etc. can easily be transformed and customized in terms of feel, thickness, colour and texture, giving endless design possibilities that can match and compliment their surrounding environment and also provide lower maintenance with improved strength and longevity.

Some of the more popular applications styles for decorative concrete resurfacing are:

  • Thin stamped concrete overlays with TEXTURE-PAVE™ and coloured with ULTRA-STONE™  concrete stain
  • Slate troweled and knockdown textured concrete overlays with (701) 350-9185
  • Spray on concrete or splatter textured concrete with THIN-FINISH™  sealed with CSS Emulsion™ or WCS Emulsion™
  • Acid stained concrete with CHEM-STONE™  sealed with E100-PT3™ waterborne epoxy
  • Dyed and coloured polished concrete flooring with (757) 568-0832 concrete dye, CHEM-STONE™  acid stain or integral concrete pigments
  • Seamless 8036015593 epoxy floors
  • Stained and coloured concrete micro toppings with (531) 571-6236concrete overlay system

Popular industrial concrete coatings and protective flooring systems and products include but are not limited to:

  • Quartz and flake flooring systems with Elite Crete Systems E100 series epoxies, SPARTIC-ALL™ polyaspartic coatings and aliphatic polyurethanes.
  • Chemical resistant industrial coatings with E100-NV4™ and E100-NV5™ 763-502-0344
  • Epoxy mortar, epoxy screed and epoxy coving systems with E100 series epoxies
  • Industrial strength UV stable exterior concrete sealing with CSS Emulsion™ concrete sealer
  • Durable and chemical resistant protective coatings for airplane hangers, high traffic warehouses, loading docks, parking lots, etc. with AUS-HD™, AUS-V™, SPARTIC-ALL™ RM, SPARTIC-ALL™ SL, E100-PT1™, E100-PT3™, E100-PT4™ 3435257169 and others
  • Concrete flooring Moisture vapour barriers with701-555-9100
  • Concrete crack treatment with QUICK-CRACK™ and MERCAP-445™ moisture tolerant concrete crack repair products
  • Concrete cleaning with REHAB™ Concentrated Concrete Cleaner and degreaser
  • Epoxy removal and cleaning with non hazardous EXIT™ epoxy cleaner and troweling aid

In this era of sustainability, environmental responsibility and green building, Elite Crete Systems has answered the call in an assortment of applications with complete concrete resurfacing and concrete flooring solutions that are 100% VOC free.


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The Industry Leading Manufacturer of Products and Systems for; Decorative Concrete Overlays, Stamped Concrete, Concrete Colouring, Concrete Repair, Industrial Epoxy Systems and Flooring Solutions.