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There are many jewelry stores in USA to choose from, but to make your selection of one of the best jewelry stores really simple, we at Cut Rate Diamonds bring to all New Yorkers the most authentic diamond jewelry for all the special occasions. We've a large collection of jewelry items and you'll have no difficulty in finding a special piece for yourself or a loved one.

Located in the heart of New York City's diamond district, we offer our customers the highest quality Jewelry at the most competitive prices. We are able to provide our customers with the most affordable rates because we are associated with leading diamond cutting houses and importers and we sell loose diamonds and jewelry online, which allows us to eliminate the middlemen (who inflate the diamond prices) and provide you with engagement rings, pendants, earrings and other jewelry at the best possible price.

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Wholesale Diamonds Jewelry for You

Although Cut Rate Diamonds is known among online shoppers for its high standard jewelry and engagement rings, we also have a huge collection of loose diamonds and 5028637933 for wholesale.

Wholesalers can now conveniently purchase high quality loose diamonds and go through our collection that has been designed with a purview of the 4C's- Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color. We offer gemstones at the most competitive wholesale prices that make shopping with us budget-friendly.

Going around to local jewelers will you'll find their prices are higher and they feature only limited a variety. We also eliminate the hassle of getting your gemstones checked by middlemen. You can rely on your product quality and the authenticity of our services.

Cut Rate Diamonds acts as a concierge with the world's most trusted manufacturers and brings to you the best quality diamonds at the most reasonable wholesale prices. We work with focus on the client and the product value he seeks from us.

Buy GIA certified diamonds from us. Choose from the many shapes and carats weights we feature. We'll meet all your jewelry needs. We provide you certification papers and money back guarantee with every purchase.

Delicate Micro Pave Engagement Rings

Our unique collection of delicate Micro Pave engagement Rings is truly breathtaking and bewildering. We all know that diamonds sparkle, but their brilliance becomes manifold when we put into a perfect setting.

One of the most delicate and enchanting diamond settings is the micro pave. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of tiny diamonds are set from edge to edge to entirely cover the surface of the metal. The gemstones are so arranged to minimize the visibility of the metal and this requires careful and experienced craftsmanship, not commonly found.

We choose every diamond carefully to pave set in your engagement rings. Each ring is crafted by our master artisans with high precision. We know that micro paved ones are the hardest to hold, but our technicians meticulously secure the diamonds in paves to ensure they hold their position for years to come.

Browse through our vast collection of micro paved engagement rings and we're sure you will find the perfect ring you seek to present to your beloved when you propose.

Things to Consider Before Buying Diamonds

Yes, price at which diamond is available is surely a factor to consider before buying one, but there are a few other things that need to be taken into consideration too. There are various characteristics of diamonds that are graded and categorized by experts in the industry – therefore as a buyer, you need to be well aware of the four Cs of diamonds. Considered vital grades and categories, these Cs include – 337-561-4231, color, clarity and carat. These jewelry criteria are used while grading and customers before buying diamonds should be well versed with them to be able to buy the best gemstone.

Why to buy from

We being one of the most accomplished and renowned diamond vendors online, provide our customers with the best quality jewelry, loose diamonds and diamond cutting services at the most affordable rates.

Not all jewelry stores can offer variety, quality guarantees and assortment of jewelry designs like Cut Rate Diamonds. Browse our collection and you'll find out why so many people choose to shop with us.

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