The mood is sober.

Kory is jealous of Manuel's friends.

The debate about intellectuals bounces back.

Who wrote the letter?

That's not good business strategy.

What's your favorite fairy tale?

By the way, Laurent is in town.

I don't want to be your secret.

I could hear Adrian playing the piano.

She's going to love this.

He strained his eyes by reading too much.

A crossroads is where two roads meet in an X.

Spring has come around.


One of the guards is dead.

Peggy felt a little dazed.

His novel was translated into Japanese.

We'll miss you terribly.

I'll never be your friend.

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That isn't what I want to see.


Chuck was born lucky.


Cristina is a lazy dog.


I've never actually tortured anybody.

Curiosity got the better of Mongo.

I need to go back to Boston.

I didn't do what Bucky said I did.

The meaning of the 'dollar peg' is "stick with the strong countries."

My grandfather used to make his own furniture.

We have to operate urgently.

What is he so angry about?

Three homes were completely destroyed.

Phiroze giggled girlishly.

This alone is enough to convince us.

A chauffeur sat in front.

Lord Ashburton had an American wife.

Dan was killed in an explosion in Baghdad.

It's a fine day today.


Omar loves his parents.

What place on Earth coulde be better than the place your people came from?

I think we're pretty lucky.


Why aren't Shai and Laurie coming?

I could have stayed a while longer, but I was getting tired, so I decided to leave.

I knew someone like you once.

Just think what it could do for you.

The divers didn't make it back.

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He speaks Spanish as well as he speaks French.

The dog ran around and around.

Some are deceived by fair words.

Don't interfere.

Keep this insect alive.

South Africa became independent in 1961.

That felt so good.

Bobbie opened the door and stepped outside.

In order to fix something, you have to know what's wrong with it.

Everybody wants to go.

Well, let's have a look.

He won the lottery.

So, are you going to buy that or not?

Jeffie is rich.

It's useless talking to him.

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I saw the film in San Francisco last year.


I need to clear something up.


Is it clean?


I like your city.

Do you have any foreign stamps?

"What was it like for you just being there at the end of such utter domination?" "It was frustrating. You know, it was miserable. It sucked. It was terrible. Besides that, it was fine."

Amir was hiding in some bushes.

Dori told me a few things I needed to know.

We need to do the same.

You don't have to be so nervous.

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Barrett held the car door open for Casper.

Olga has been playing the cello since she was 8 years old.

It would be a waste of energy to tell a hair-raising story to a bald man.


You will be proud of me.


Krzysztof covered his mouth with his hand.

Are there French speakers in Canada?

Each of us has his own hobby.

I let the team down.

I just want you to know that I know.

Are you boring? Sorry, are you bored?

Get outta here!

It used to be that people thought it was necessary to eat three square meals a day.

Kate has been given an opportunity to play a major role in a movie.


Thuan doesn't want to make a big deal out of it.

Did you know that he is good at making coffee?

I'm a late sleeper.

This design is too robotic.

It's an ice cream.


I shouldn't have spent so much money.

I've got two brothers.

I had to make a choice.


Do you want a glass? There is one on the table.

It'll be impossible to get a visa at short notice.

Where did you sue them?

Don't get sassy with me young lady!

I've got a feeling Sandeep doesn't really know how to speak French.

Studies have revealed that the average keyboard has more germs than a toilet seat.

It rained yesterday evening.

How did you guys get in?

Why do you never stop talking about Tatoeba?


That was the first time I had flown.

I'm not convinced.

I just like to have fun.

Very many religions promise life after death.

Rich wanted to get back to work, but Noam wouldn't leave.

The machine generates a lot of electricity.

I would like to be an English teacher.

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My dream is to live peacefully in a village.

You are right. I will go by taxi.

We'll stay with them.

I believe congratulations are in order.

I'll need at least three days to translate that thesis.

You should buy your mother something for Mother's Day.

He felt the rain on his face.

I'm leaving it to you to decide that.

Hiroyuki discussed the problem with Les.

Don't let it get you down.

You're not the only one who's busy.


Once upon a time, there was a man and his wife. They had no house. They were living in the fields and sleeping at the foot of a tree.

Pilar walked into the library.

Men like to look masculine.


Who gave him that black eye?

Jared never seems interested in talking about sports.

She's cleaning the book.

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It's too late to shut the barn door when the horse is already out.

It's not an exaggeration to say that Mrs. Smith is addicted to TV.

I suppose you like it.

What is the meaning of "a dog's life"?

The drunk rolled up to him.


Fay woke from his nightmare, screaming.

Well, what are you singing?

Grant is important, isn't he?

Jesper really impressed me.

I hope Cindie had a good time.

I think about that every single day.

I heard someone calling my name.

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We went straight to bed.

He's making a lot of money in the stock market.

Raymond should eat something.

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Lindsey tells everyone that he can't speak French, but that's not true.

A girl stood there crying.

We got this car several years ago.

Skef came here alone.

She's in a state of shock.

I can't tell you how bad this makes me feel.

Did you tell them to do that?

Dan's story defied common sense.

I sleep in the nude.


Five, and some matches too, please.

You have to meet my children.

I didn't plan to hit her.

I didn't want to wake you.

Memorize it well.

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His success on the examination is due to his efforts.

Suddenly clouds obscured the sky.

The new house didn't live up to expectations.

What kind of stuff do you need?

He looks down on women.

Your mother insists upon your accepting it.

Do you want me to beg?

Were you mean to her?

Bob became a pastor.


Can you bring Tarmi back to life?

You will drive me mad.

Barrett said he was going to go to Boston.

He criticized me for neglecting my duty.

He's well dressed.

She was quite nervous about her first flight.

I've been listening to this song non-stop since this morning.

There are many interesting things all around the house.

The glass was broken to pieces.