My house is ten minutes' walk from the station.

We could all learn something from him.

Save money against the unexpected for when it's necessary.

Famine stared us in the face.

Do you have pictures of your kids with you?

Kanthan attended Harvard University.

Is this a picture that you drew by yourself?

Caroline has more money than he needs.

The cat's kittens are cute.

She tried to open the door, which she found impossible.


Peter called and complained.

He read the letter in front of everyone.

It's below her to say such a thing.

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The company went after its No. 1 customer gripe: power outages.

I'm not leaving the two of you alone.

There were many injured people, but hardly any people were missing.

Please clean out your locker.

I must request you to obey my orders.

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Just tell me what I have to do.

Arthur should be able to do it.

Even though he was sick, he came to work.

Nicolo is a friendly person.

I make my own rules.

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Maybe, but I can't catch the drift of even simple situations.


Hercules is the Romanized form of the name of the most famous Greek legendary hero, Heracles.


Don't let narrow-minded people convince you that your dreams are too big.

Many people buy things they don't really need on credit, without giving any thought to the fact that they'll have to pay it off one day.

We can handle that.


We must go to the bank to exchange some money.

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He wrote a book about a jungle adventure.

You have met some friends.

Linda didn't have enough money to buy the guitar he wanted, so he bought a cheaper one.


Lars is staying at my place this week.

Clifford is on the honor roll.

When did you notice Dannie wasn't here?

He hasn't paid Maureen yet.

Do you really think it's impossible?


He caused me to miss the bus.

A fork is missing.

Is this report correct?

Tait gave me no choice.

There is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.

What're you planning?

I had nan with tea for breakfast.

He responded very quickly to my letter.

Sassan challenged Leif to a game of chess.

Where was your daughter?

The pizza delivery guy hasn't come by yet.

I had my house painted.

Do you actually like this?

I've just become a grandfather.

I have wrapped these glasses so that they will not break.

You whispered.

So pleased to meet you.

Why are you making such a big deal out of it, huh? Just suck it up already!

Did Bertrand object?

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Do you write in French?

Knudsen called Justin, but the line was busy.

She is busy preparing for the examination.

The dog is chewing on something.

It serves you right that you failed your exam. You didn't study for it at all.

I don't want to cause any inconveniences.

The government plans to scrap some of the older planes.


If you don't come to me, I'll come to you.

She's the mother of seven children.

Some people believe that the number 13 brings bad luck.

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Let's keep that in the hall closet.


I will not let him deceive me.


She doesn't wear the cheap stuff.

I'm loyal.

Everybody knows that happiness is in contentment.

The president's term of office is four years.

They're our friends.


We must respect other people's privacy.

Do you want to know how I did it?

Fellow countryman, I must confess you that countries don't really exist.

There is wet paint on the door.

Miki is going to be a teacher.


You can go wherever you want to go.

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Drunken fights and more drunken sex characterize their excuse for a relationship.

I saw the match on television.

Jorge sleeps with his window open.

The traffic wasn't moving between Exits 22 and 23.

When you are young and healthy, you can want to kill yourself on Monday and laugh again on Wednesday.


Barrett asked Izumi to call the police.


I just wanted to see her.


I've been to see Kelvin.

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She's stupid and greedy.

Where do you think I should start?

You know what I want you to do.

Manjeri isn't going to sing.

"Would you like to go with me?" "You bet!"

His doctor advised him to give up smoking.

I swim in the sea every day.

I have to take the entrance examination today.

It was a big black American warship.

I couldn't stand the noise anymore.

It's really quite simple.

Arthur seemed polite enough to me.

Jeremy is still furious with Frank for his dog's death.

I read jokes almost every day.

Tai has many powerful friends in Washington.


I know Donnie Jackson personally.

Paola didn't need to be told what to do.

They can't both be right.

You've really done a fine job.

The tree is crooked.

Someone might try to steal it.

We play chess every evening.

Can you tell me what the major sources of conflict in organisations are?

His behavior did not correspond with his words.

The ages of the two children put together was equivalent to that of their father.

Harris wouldn't let Marcia kiss him.

The yen was revalued upward against the U.S. dollar from a rate of 360 yen against the dollar to 308 yen on December 18, 1971.

It is a love song.

I've never felt better in my life.

Tell Jagath to give Debbie this.

We'll bring them.

I'm not going to go in there by myself.

The boy is brave.

Raj didn't call me last night.

That's nice. How about inviting John and Helen?

He is quite clearly out of danger.

They may be playing in the park.

I saw Antonella climbing up the scaffolding.

We'll meet her there.

Mommy is not home at the moment.


We all saw him!

Liber is waiting for you in the conference room.

He is bound to solve this question.

Do you know what's happened to Derek?

Who's free?


There's no way to foresee the consequences.

I need him to understand.

Isaac Newton died a virgin.

Let me have a talk with Hurf.

I have three teenagers.


The hero demonstrated that a man could have the ability to dominate nature to his uses.


I'll bring him to you.


We have fish for dinner today.

I have been living here for years.

It hurts to move.


I want to hear all your news.

All in all, how many different schools have you attended?

She played cards with Roy.

We don't want to take anything.

I was born in China.

Please unbutton your blouse.

Who ran for president that year?

Glass is made from sand.

It's going to be painful.

Bob is clumsy with words.

Sarah is afraid to go there by himself.

Rainer did his best to persuade Andries to join the team.


Tran took a picture of himself and sent it to his girlfriend.

I don't like drama.

That almost never happens.

We need to protect Ramadoss.


Can we reschedule?

This product is an intelligent integrated information system.

The women were so surprised as not to be able to speak.

Our school was reduced to ashes.

Glynn is almost asleep.

Could you just go help her?

I left as soon as I had the chance.

Dan spent the night having sex with Linda.

Sonny asked me about my job.

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Please go ahead and take a look at your leisure.