Yesterday I ate too much and now I feel sick.

He acknowledged it to be true.

Juno will map Jupiter's gravitational and magnetic fields.

I know him only by name.

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Don't walk in the park at night!


I'm glad I was able to be useful to you.

You should talk to him, too.

I dreamed I was eating an apple pie.


That building has no emergency exit.


I know I'm wrong.


The fraud goes on.

There is no telling what will happen.

From above, one could see the river.

She loves watching tennis matches on TV.

Debbie suffered from severe postnatal depression after the birth of her first child.


Jeannie isn't going to be happy to see me.


I read the play aloud so that I could memorize all the lines.

Young people are not shy about the future of this country.

I'll order that later.

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How is it that otherwise reasonable people come to believe that this same roof, that practically vanishing commodity, is freely obtainable just by packing up and going to another country?


Summer is the season I like best.

What don't we know?

Jerald has three young children.

I rarely go back home at five.

Janice came in carrying three cups of espresso.

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Fletcher and Seymour work together.


Turkeer got lost because the route wasn't signposted.

I think I may have to work late today.

I didn't know that was necessary.

Ted and Dustin talked about everything they wanted to do on their upcoming vacation.

Is this real turquoise? At this price? Come on!

Most boys like video games.

Janice gave Sehyo a watch.

In Esperanto there is only a single declension. One can learn it in less than 15 minutes.

You can't count on anyone to help you with this.


The meaning of the words is intelligible.

Kit is still looking for his locker key.

I don't know what the consequences will be.

I saw you looking.

Toft didn't work last Monday.

I like to play poker.

Meg looks pleased with her new dress.

I enjoy being a teacher.

We're dying to meet you.

For the first time, in 1969, man touched the lunar surface.

I think you've been getting bad advice.

I wouldn't go out with her even if she's the only girl in the world!

Could you bring me earphones?

Just then, I heard the telephone ring.

Don't you talk in the classroom.

It's not just a minor problem.

I really spoke too harshly.

A blanket of silence fell over everyone when they heard the disappointing announcement.

Maybe you can't hear me?

Does it rain there very often?

You're the expert.


Loren was hungry, so he asked Patricio to cook something.

Schools don't teach the right things.

He's a foreign exchange student.


My mother taught me that it's not polite to point.


The people in the room all know one another.

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Manolis cut his hand with a rusty knife.

It isn't a fish.

She's allergic to cats.

They labored over the budget for the fiscal year 1997.

You can't leave them behind.

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I'm allergic to synthetic rubber.

She disapproved of my trip to Vienna.

Did Lonhyn tell Eliot how many apples to buy?


Hubert rescued Spass's dog from the burning house.


I told Dad about it.

Have you heard Spy speaking French?

Let's breathe the fresh air.

Let's take it easy.

They say that he was once an energetic young man, that he studied the dead languages, and sang and even composed many songs; then something had happened to him, and in consequence of this he gave himself up to drink, body and mind.

The airfield on the island is now covered with weeds.

We'll never back down.

I just started my own business.

I liked him.

I'm tired of playing this game.

The air in that room was thick with the enthusiasm of the participants.

Velvet pants are out of style.

The pizza was cooked in a wood-fired oven.


I'm really looking forward to it.

I'd like to be alone now.

We have lots of other things to do.


They abandoned Barton on the island.


The decayed tooth came out on its own.

What do you want for Christmas, Jenny?

I'm sure she'll cause a stir in the Tokyo fashion world.

The chick peeps.

A new affair is agitating the police administration.

She worships him.

We were all scared.

I like dragon fruit.

She crushed her enemies.

He entered civil service 20 years ago right after college.

Britain is the European Unions's second-largest economy after Germany.

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I don't think this is going to work.


I never realized how much I would miss you.


There's no need to hurry. We have plenty of time.

He's out cold.

He is wise in certain respects.


I gave her a lift to town.

This ship can reach extremely high speeds.

I continued focussing on it, wondering if there was a way to get in and learn its secrets.

How many hours is the flight?

Adrian doesn't know where.

I saw a strange lady there.

The morning was clear.

You're going to be a good father.

I'm really happy I ran into you.

Can it really be this bad?

Maybe we can fix this.

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I fully agree with all of you.

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We're in Boston.

The money was all there. Nobody touched it.

Would you tell us about your guitar?

It'll happen again if we don't correct it.

Alain was born lucky.

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All I did was for the love of a woman.

Edmund plays the drums as well as the organ.

He can drive a car.

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Puffing and panting we continued to run with renewed vigor.

Put out the candle. The blackout is over.

I attempted to swim across the river.


Shatter looked vaguely embarrassed.

I don't know who to choose.

Where's the bus stop?


Does everybody have a pencil?

May I draw the curtains?

Suzan is the only one likely to be able to convince Kevin to do that.

The birds' home is in the forest, the fish's home is in the river, the bees' home is in the flowers, and the little children's is in China. We love our motherland from the time we're little, as the birds love the forest, the fish love the river, and the bees love the flowers.

After a few weeks, doctors made Cleveland a new jaw out of hard rubber.


We are not on the earth forever, but only for a time.


Vic might bring his wife and children with him.

Phillip knew the reason.

I must be drunk.

I got hit by a car.

Do you have any other questions about the matter?

Kiki's part of the work isn't finished.

I'm sorry. I should've delivered this yesterday.

People physically assault you to steal your money.

I won't allow you to take away my freedom to take away your freedom.

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They are breaking down the wall.

I want to see your mother.

Shari is going to be really disappointed, isn't he?


Mine is bigger than yours.

Dan was hit on the forehead with a hammer.

I'm feeling tired.

Jane Goodall discovered that chimpanzees could use tools.

I don't think I can do anything else.

Gill and Roy go to work every day on the same bus.

Give me a drink.


Courtney isn't really helping us much.

Jim put his hands in the air.

I've always admired you.

He made up his mind to be a pilot.

It keeps happening.

She acted as if she knew nothing.

You've got to do something.

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I remember everything.