I wasn't around when Ira needed me.

This is a DVD.

You could do it if you really wanted to.

They helped one another to make the school festival a success.

This is the house where I live.

I'm worried about her, too.

She reneged on the agreement.

A considerable number of students want to go to college.

We'll let you know what we find.


You're not the first.


Is Petr feeling better today?

I'm not even going to let Sanjib see it.

You didn't join that club, did you?

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Empathy is not the same as sympathy.

He was wearing glasses.

Tonight, I'll stay at home.

In my country, there is a shocking amount of mathematical ignorance.

I'll ask around and see if anyone knows anything about what happened.


I wonder what goes on inside his head?

Have you lived here long?

Today you turn four years old.

It was a tragedy.

Leung is paying a fine.

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Celia wasn't aware that Mitch was hoping he'd kiss her.

You said that the problem isn't ours.

She's absent because she's sick.

I like him in that he is honest and candid.

Barney claims he doesn't remember.

What was I going to say?

Is that surprising?

Does he come home at six?

Soccer played throughout the world today is closest to the original football.


They shouted at the top of voices.

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Yesterday I went to lie down at midnight.


I've been too busy.

Don't press the wrong button.

I wanted to hug Neal, but he wouldn't let me.

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Is there anyone else wanting to eat?


You always meet twice.

Shall we make candy or something today?

I'm in way over my head.

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I really really want this.


Look, my house is cleaner than yours.

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There was a time when Christopher Columbus challenged another explorer to a duel. The latter, an underhanded chap, did not take ten steps - as dictated by the rules - but two, then turned around to shoot. Unfortunately for him, Columbus hadn't taken any steps at all.


You can't keep hiding from me, Swamy.


The soldiers ordered the miners to leave.

Harry was getting a little fussy.

Would you like to meet Anne?

I think we'll be able to come to an understanding soon.

Floyd is going to sleep.

He bought her a drink.

Of course, there were concerts in the town.

I can hardly believe this.

You said you were finished.

Feed him to the sharks.

Tell her that I am in a taxi.

Great strain was put on Marcel and Lucius's marriage by the constant meddling of Kevin's mother.

Cliff left a while ago.

I don't see why Marie can't come with us.

You are no better at remembering things than I am.


Mike started to doubt himself.

You're going to find out eventually.

I cannot put up with his arrogance.

When choosing mineral water, we should prefer that is rich in calcium and magnesium, but low in sodium.

The thieves entered by the window.

Son fell asleep at the wheel.

I'm not mad.


You'll have to ask Barbara about that. I don't know.

So, what do you find so interesting about dinosaurs?

The man helped me when I was in trouble.


Have you met Jinny before?

I turned on the fan and directed it to the wall.

Tandy complained that his wife was spending too much money.

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Why don't you tell us a little something about yourself?

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The children are all excited.

We can't risk waiting.

Whatever she says, I don't believe her.


I was just thinking about what you told me yesterday.


When are you going to take me home, Knudsen?

The trains are inconvenient and uncomfortable; in addition, they never run on time.

What exactly attracted you to Monty?

This is the vase that Sam broke.

Doesn't that remind you of anything?

You are an angel of a child.

Fasten your seat belt at all times.


Angus seemed happy to see you.


I don't know if he is interested in me.

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Ro can't do the job.

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Why don't you get a job?

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We'll be back in an hour or so.

There is more money than is needed.

He left the office without saying a word to anyone.

I want to ask you about him.

He always looks like he's half-asleep, but once he gets into an argument, he really goes to town.

There's always a woman in between.

I do not know how she manages to live telling lies.

We should leave them alone.

I answer for her honesty.

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She was raised by her grandmother.


My grandfather no longer has a driver's license.

Compared to many other countries, the average intake of trans-fats per person in Japan is low and it is hypothesized that it does not have a strong impact on health.

I ordered two teas and three coffees.

We mended some broken chairs.

Cease-fire talks concluded without progress Thursday.

I ran into a friend of mine on the bus.

If you have pain, take a painkiller.

Diane didn't know how to tell Phil the truth.

I don't know when Wade will come.

She has no less than twelve children.

I'll keep it warm.

You can do no more for me.

He's good by nature.

I thought it was refreshing.

I refused to eat until my parents came home.

How did you convince Rudolf to do that?

You need to give Hsuan some money.

Srinivas certainly told Paola what to do.

What's going to happen when they find out what we did?


I don't get paid to do this.

What made you sick?

Can I see you for just a minute, please?

Prices have been rising since last year.

Let's go someplace warm.

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You haven't changed much.


I just did this to make a little money.

The construction of the building will be started next year.

It's hard to surprise us.


You'll get used to the dorm life pretty quickly.

Let me explain it once more.

He sat in Zen meditation.

Judith's hungover.

Charlie noticed what was going on.

This really doesn't concern you.

I'll keep this for future use.

Spare me the details.

"I would love to go to the dance with you." "Really? You would?"

The Longs are having a garage sale tomorrow.

Everyone sat down to eat.

Now I'm scared.

Why didn't you tell me that last night?

Don't speak to me about Gill. We're on bad terms.

Ravindran lived there without any problems.


The agreement, unless backed up by action, is meaningless.


I'm reluctant to let myself be known in strange company.

Life is more interesting than any book.

You're upsetting them.

Many people thought that the war would be over by Christmas.

I don't know how to say how sorry I really am.

Suzanne doesn't know the difference between geography and geology.

I thought Philippe was meeting us here.

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The cold wind bit her cheeks.

I hate the rules.

Someone told me that Peggy now lives in Boston.


Why don't you help him out?

This knife is just good for slicing a loaf.

Go to bed, Robbin.


Erick and Lukas are both at work.

I don't really know them at all.

He says he likes flowers.


Can you tell us what you did?