Shall I walk you home?

Have you thought about what time of year you want to get married?

The President is to make a statement tomorrow.


Maybe it's a question of perception.

What's the news?

We still haven't taken down our Christmas lights.

There are holidays soon.

Donnie is leaving town tomorrow.

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Ssi is being silly.

If you had missed that bus, you might not be here now.

We used up the shampoo.


An industrious person will succeed in life.

I was working.

Amigo seems to be relaxed.


Grace knows that.


Look, I don't want any trouble.


He carried on business for ten years in Tokyo.

I've been out of town.

This is the tsunami: the beach will come to you if you don't come to the beach.


I see the signs well.

It came to rain toward evening.

The injured were many, but the missing were few.

There aren't as many trains at night.

What are the pros and cons of hitchhiking?

What are the doctor's office hours?

There were many things that I didn't like about that movie.

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They moved up and down the keys.


As I don't have the money, it'll just be a short trip.

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I think you're being a little hard on him.

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This place is all right.

I'll remain in New York for five days.

Leigh seems to think so.

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Gilles never seems to have much to say.


It was that dog that bit my hand.

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The production of the automobile started in the 1980.

Rafael advised him not to buy the secondhand car.

He boarded with his aunt.

I left my bag here.

Totoro makes friends with everyone.

Do you have a cheaper room?

The detective questioned literally thousands of people about the incident.

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I felt ready to give in because of my miserable failure.

So you do believe me?

He speaks English well.

Romain threw a snowball at Indra.

He hasn't arrived yet.


Can we work it out?

Who would want to hire him?

Let's schedule a meeting sometime early next week.

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She bears herself very well.


Whatever he asks you, you mustn't answer.

He seems to be aware of my feelings.

Mercury's atmosphere is very thin and is composed of helium and sodium.

We're currently in the middle of a civil war.

He began to cry loudly.

What time of year do you usually like to spend time on the beach?

How do I get to the other side?

There are a handful of naughty boys in my neighborhood.

I want to leave Boston.

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It isn't what he says that annoys me but the way he says it.


When I was young, we could swim in the river.


Just say something.


You're much cuter than your sister.

Have you questioned Robin?

We've got to win.

Why should the state know my movements on the Internet?

I'm sure everyone understood.


Danish pronunciation is a little bit difficult.


Cyrus said he was in love with Jeremy.

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The museum is open from nine o'clock in the morning.


Those knows he's in no position to argue.

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.

Blaine wants me to stay away from you.

Permission is needed before you go into my bedroom.

Who's watching them?

Age is immaterial, unless you're a bottle of wine.

The pilot made a perfect three-point landing.

Novorolsky left early, and so did we.

Delbert has been up to something.

What has gone wrong with the European project?

Where can I hire a car?

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I understand no English and German even less.

Frederick is in very bad shape.

Ima's hands are dirty.


Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else.

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Venkata graduated at the top of his class.

I don't recognize any of these men.

I like his cat.

When we argue fuss and fight

Can someone call me a cab?


Kate made an apple pie.

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She forgot to write him.

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Let's approach this from a different angle.

I think we're in trouble.

They'll want Aimee.

That student sometimes affects illness.

I'm practically an expert now.


As he's just up on his high horse again.

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What are the advantages of this technology?


We had to change buses three times to get here.

I came with them.

That was a very delicate situation.

It's right here.

She is the love of my life.

She tied up the package with string.

You've got a great memory.


Here, take my coat.


Have you read the Holy Bible?

Nobody's forcing you to do that.

Why couldn't someone have told me earlier?

Many people around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Why does one say "Good day" when the day is not good?

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Gunnar padded his resume.


He is much better than me at the high jump.

We're all adults.

The TV was on all night.


A huge monster is coming down the mountain.

What do you think of the game that Arne created?

Doesn't he know I'm going out with Carsten?

That's why we have to fight.

He was constantly borrowing money from me.


I offered it to him.


Bonnie doesn't want to be disappointed.

I just want to know who's in the room.

He's offended at the slightest thing, he takes exception to nearly everything we say to him.

We would've enjoyed our trip if it wasn't for the rain.

I can't believe I listened to you.

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The gym is used for the ceremony.


What're you eating?

He walked away with the prize.

I'd like to see your father.

Are you two not getting along?

I had him write it.

Isn't it awesome?

Why don't you just tell me what you mean?

These are my briefs.

The explosion was so powerful that the roof was blown away.

OK, I'm convinced.

Imogen of the Internet has created a seminal classification of thirty distinct varieties of chatspeak, some now facing linguistic extinction.

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Mondays are not good for me.

That would be twenty-seven words instead of four, and while the bare message of the longer statement would be understood, the persuasive force would be lost.

The priests rose to power and the churches became fortresses.

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The book was about quantum physics.

The girl was sobbing in the corner of the schoolroom.

Truth has a good face, but ragged clothes.

He told us that we should leave right away.

The most obvious things are often the ones that are hardest to see.

Have you heard from your friend lately?

What you're suggesting is stupid.

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Why can't Sir just tell me what's going on?

I'm studying voice at a college of music.

I downloaded the file that Carlo uploaded.