Jean has tried to kill himself.

Never did we see such a beautiful sunset.

In this day and age, life without electricity is unimaginable.

There's no need of making such fine distinctions.

They are looking at only the sunny side of the American economy.

We were looking at the picture.

Why did you pretend not to see me when we were on the bus together?

I had to volunteer.

Let's stop at the next gas station.

This attitude is disrespectful for a woman of your age.

Kieran has been listening.

That really doesn't seem possible.


We were just unlucky.

People have to recognise own mistakes.

That tastes really good!

Do you really think it's impossible?

She has no idea that I'm coming.


I am a monk.

Mac is definitely not happy to be there.

It was a mere chance that I found it.

I was canned.

We don't know anything about Dana's past.

Ernst has gotten older and he doesn't go out as often as he used to.

It's a beautiful story.

Could you tell me how to get to your house?

I'm going to forgive you.

I want to apologize for everything I said.

I have your schedule here.

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To be always ready for war, said Mentor, is the surest way to avoid it.

Carol and Kim must really be in love.

You don't seem too sure.


Don't let Randolph near my kids.

Monty and Dalton don't really speak French very well.

I had no difficulty in finding his office.

Dan started an argument with the cashier to distract security.

Compare the facts.

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This may sound crazy, but I think I want to go back and do it again.


I don't believe I'm listening to this.

Yesterday I ate 10 skewers.

I can't change how tall I am.

Pamela doesn't really understand me.

It's now dark outside.

As soon as I get paid, I'll pay you back.

You probably won't be able to do that.

Some people blame poverty for crime.

As is often the case with him, he was late for school.

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He knows us well.

Brandy has to come with me.

Why are there fire trucks in front of our building?

They have nothing.

The child pooped while he was inside the classroom.

They relaxed.

They all knew him.

I traveled to Boston.

Follow my lead!

To live alone is the fate of all great souls.

I hope I'm not too late.

Did Aimee say where he went last weekend?

I'm home, Roderick.


Silence is worth gold, but not when you're trying to learn a foreign language.

We were all so excited.

Well, I think it's interesting.

In 1896, Einstein renounced his German citizenship. He was not a citizen of any country until 1901 when he became a citizen of Switzerland.

He turned a deaf ear to me.

They want to meet you.

She broke a glass.


The chairperson has been associated with the organization for ten years.

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Although I did not like math, I had to learn logarithms.

We're conservative.

His breath reeks of booze.

The airplane arrives at 8.

Jim wrote to me last week and said he had come back two months before.


That's my call.


I can't go with you today because I'm very busy.


I'll wash your mouth out with soap!


I've canceled my trip to Boston.

I don't write things like these.

Sjouke is watching television.

The monster of antisemitism is still among us.

Can you recommend anything?

The salesgirl couldn't open the cash register.

Matthieu likes it here.

Japanese people tend to rely on established authority.

Pregnant women often experience morning sickness.

Gale never was very interesting.

People in different cultures need more or less personal space.

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They're rich.

Apart from a couple of early setbacks, the project is progressing well.

I wish you'd tell me what I'm supposed to do.

Go screw yourself!

We should talk sometime.

Meehan was in no particular hurry.

He spends money like water.


But few of them are worth reading.

The waiter brought a new plate.

Not a few houses were destroyed by the typhoon.


It's a really good book.

I loved Beverly like a brother.

I've been told that you can't be trusted.

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Chew it over for a while and let me know what you think.


I thought you were my friend.


Vidhyanath chuckled to himself as he read Heather's letter.


They were so different.

You live across the street, don't you?

He said he would write to me, but he hasn't.

The ice contains bubbles of the air from each year. Scientists analyze the bubbles in each layer to see how much CO2 they contain.

Leslie is sorry she cannot attend.

I didn't hire Bobbie.

Let me get you some water.

Robin is extremely patient.

I often receive letters from him.

They talk all the time.

I had my hat blown off by the wind.

I was a fool for a handsome fellow.

Earl just got a new job.

She left her umbrella in the bus.

My sister is so annoying.

She accompanied him on the piano.

Kamel stays up until after midnight almost every night.

She did the right thing.

If one in one hundred rounds does not hit the target, it's not first-class shooting.

A work like "In This House of Brede," which tells the story of a successful businesswoman who enters a convent in middle life, is as interesting--and for the same reasons--as a story that takes place on a planet orbiting a distant star.

She allowed him to kiss her.

A wise man once said, life is a series of disappointments.

We will start as soon as possible.

Snow fell in large flakes.

Please don't do this to me.


Thousands of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed each year.


Get yourself astride the balance beam.


Barley and wheat grow in the fields around the village.

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He is a writer rather than a scholar.

We were supposed to tell everyone to be here by 2:30, but we forgot.

That was a nice speech.


She sent me an urgent telegram.

Thank you for looking at my poor scribblings.

Eliot opened the door and walked in.

We had a chance.

"Walakum-us-Salam, Al-Sayib!" Dima replied. "What are you up to these days?"

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Allah knows.

Jayant, get out of the shower!

Jingbai doesn't know what's in store for him.

Everyone was glued to the TV set as the election results came in.

They lowered their prices.

This air corridor is largely run by military aircraft.

The second book has more errors than the first.


The new accounting procedures require us to fill out different forms for reporting expenses.


Are you a trekkie?

All I can do is to give her advice.

I can't let them do this to me.

They'll be looking for him.

The government asked the SDF for a disaster relief deployment to Okinawa.

Is Nate the father of Maria's daughter?

Do you want a ride to the store?


We hardly know each other.

He showed little interest in books or music.

Bud doesn't regret that decision.

It may prove to be a risky adventure.

This room is just about big enough.

I was very disappointed when I heard the news.

Marcel was here today asking for help.

You haven't told Alexander you're married, have you?

I read the letter for him.

Sorry, but we're booked up.

There's some truth to it.

Kiki, don't interrupt.

What's life like where you live?

A piece of railway in use today is therefore the product of a long series of decisions reached on many different grounds, at different times.

A teenager sometimes acts like a baby.


How many sisters does Ramsey have?