I love martial arts!


Methinks he is not godly enough.

What'll you do this weekend?

At first, he sounded very sincere.

He is a great scholar, but lacks what is called common sense.

I don't like what you said about Raif.

He gave up the attempt in despair.

I've got to make sure Gideon does his homework.


I can't believe I missed this before.

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These shoes are too tight to wear.


Can you pack it?

I don't feel like laughing.

This does not concern you at all.

I'm afraid that wasn't possible.

The ghastly neologism of the year 2011 is "Kebab murders".

That's an outrage.

I need to check it.

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It's late already. Hurry up!

Gary is in a meeting right now.

I don't believe that there is any evil person in this world.

Are you ashamed of me?

Which would you rather do, go to a movie or stay at home?

Tell Rafik you want him to go.

We spoke for about three hours.

Don't be long.

The cultural treasures of the past, believed to be dead, are being made to speak, in the course of which it turns out that they propose things altogether different than what had been thought.

Horst is hungry and thirsty.

Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to penetrate the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and travel to the outer regions of the solar system.


What is happiness to you?

If you want quality, pay for it.

It's a nice town.

It was an adventure going down the river on a raft.

Be careful not to drink too much coffee in the evening.

That task wasn't easy.

This may be relevant.

I caught sight of hundreds of birds.

Pat died a few days later.

Is there something you haven't told me?

Seth forgot all about them.


Is there peace in politics?

Samuel drank himself into a stupor when Nigel walked out on him.

Welcome to Dublin!


Kathleen is an actress.


I eat using a utensil.

Ahmed is our next-door neighbor.

Thanks for all the help you've given me.

Did you spend the night with her?

Nothing could be more reasonable, on the face of it.

I'll do the talking.

I want to thank you all for a job well done.


The beard's gone!


I feel lonely in this town.

Everybody down here sure likes you a lot, Ken.

They are making good use of the heat from the sun.

My father works for a factory.

She is dressed in her best.

Who hit the home run?

We have a cat and a dog.


Owen's a very practical, down-to-earth person.


Ramneek will be waiting for us.


He has not become rich, but he had a certain measure of success.

I hit on an idea.

The Southwest, Great Plains, and Southeast are particularly vulnerable to changes in water supply and demand. Changes in precipitation and runoff, combined with changes in consumption and withdrawal, have reduced surface and groundwater supplies in many areas. These trends are expected to continue, increasing the likelihood of water shortages for many uses.

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She's the kind of person who likes to turn everything into a competition.

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The shopping arcade was covered with lots of paper decorations.

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This is a story full of intrigue, love, betrayal and secrets.

Kiribati is threatened by climate change.

I've heard that they've found an extraterrestrial object on the moon.

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Please write about your real experience.

I'll prepare something.

I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves once more able to defend our island home, to ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny.

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Not thinking about a problem doesn't make it go away.

After eight months passed and his broken heart healed, George eventually started dating girls again.

Ro accepted my gift.

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I sat between Wolf and John.


He scrutinized the document one final time before approving it.

Konrad extended his stay by three days.

Why wouldn't Janice tell me?


Johnathan still doesn't eat meat.

Tatoeba is still a beta project.

You'll get better.


Tran thought he had heard wrong.


Andreas can't run very fast.

Rudolph had similar objections.

Harv graduated.

Which do you prefer: music or English?

I never cross this bridge without being reminded of my childhood.

Do you know of anyone that can help us?

No one succeeded to survive.


We need a lot of practice.

Where is the five-legged lizard going?

Franklin seems to be honest.

I hope you're not be wasting our time.

They brought dinner.

My watch keeps very good time.

Make sure you don't hurt yourself.

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It rains since last night.

I can take her to the park.

Why should we care?

I'll arrange it.

No one was in the swimming pool.


Bhutan's national sport is archery, and contests are regularly organized in most towns.

I'm good friends with her.

Chill out now. Calm down.

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Mother have read a book to her son.

You're wearing an odd cap, aren't you?

Have you read any interesting books lately?


I don't think Price can be left alone.

My uncle drives a Ford.

The Great Fire of London occurred in 1666.

Now, said Mr Wood.

He is likely to win the scholarship.

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Sergeant Dan Anderson ordered a barricade erected around the police station.

Please do this immediately.

Ticket sales will begin Monday.

Hunting is forbidden now.

I changed the incorrect sentence.


He expressed his belief in her honesty.


At his concerts, she screams for him from a distance.


Nici has already finished the work that he needed to do.


I wonder if I can ask you a few questions about Kerry.


Grandma dropped her glasses and they broke.

Hugh should've been in contact by now.

My absence has left a hole in your heart.

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Mario pulled off his socks.


I always forget that I already logged in.


Our ancestors developed massive jaws as a result of constant combat.

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It's easier than you might think.

Rod is all right now.

People of the world, how do you spend the last day of the old year? Here, on Caroline Island, we met the new year a little earlier than you did.

Kyung was really sick.

Can you take our picture?

After I found out where Mosur went, I went to look for him.

You're not obliged to thank me.

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I am not French.

Oliver wanted Sidney to meet his parents.

What on earth was all that about?

I think we may have met somewhere before.

Coffee does harm to your stomach.

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I shut the door behind me.


Annie and Rafael split up after their son died.

I actually enjoy school. It's just the getting out of bed and getting here part that's the issue.

Though grammatically there is nothing wrong with this sentence, I doubt if anyone would actually ever use it.

We're a little pressed for time.

They need to change their mindset.

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I know where that is.

The river delta has flooded many times. I don't know why anyone continues to build there.

Investigation on those organisms will give new lights on the quest for new medicines.

Mr Sato practices archery in the weekends.

She likes to dress out of fashion.

I need to tell them something.

I don't see them much.

How did Hartmann talk you into that?

Have you seen that movie?


Petr totaled his car.