She's smartly dressed.

Can I see him now?

What did you do this summer?

This segment is brought to you by the Ford Motor Company.

Russia expresses regret for those lost in the hostage incident.

Please tell me I won the tickets for Sunday.

I'm going to Boston next spring.

There's a secret passage.

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His child behaves well.

You've got plenty of time.

I've started exercising more intensively for a shorter amount of time.

If I eat too much chocolate, I break out in pimples.

She kisses her child a hundred times a day.

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This site contains sexually explicit material and is intended solely for adults only!


The next stop is "Berlin Central Station".

Long reign our king.

She had my mother take care of the baby.

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The doctor ordered me a complete rest.

She draws on her socks.

Why did they arrest Naomi?


Is there a dress code?


I believe you've met them.

I have to get something of mine.

Devon was asleep when I got home.

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Right is right and wrong is wrong.


You don't even know him.

You'd better study for the sake of your future.

The paper was beginning to peel off the walls.

How would you like to go to a dance?

Anton wanted Major's phone number, but she refused to give it to him.

It's time for you to stop going on and on about deprived communities.

How could you let her go?


I should clean the room.

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Tolerant agreed to help us.

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Please show me something else.

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You can always count on us.

We treat you friendly and with respect.

I am not a guide

I'm so dumb... I'm trying to explain things to you that I don't understand myself.

This is not exactly my idea of having fun.

Do you love music?

Saumya's gun is on the ground.

Get Tahsin back here.

Give me your phone number and I'll call you back.


Raif often cries when he's drunk.

He was accredited with these words.

I am studying English in my room.

In the absence of a better idea I had to choose this method.

Actually, it's very easy to learn.


Can such a strange thing be real?

He's letting his fame go to his head.

She put clean sheets on the bed.

His words gave her hope for the future.

Did you want something?

He didn't have time to spend with his children.

You should take her illness into consideration.

Milo wasn't young.

Acai berries have become popular.

This is no good.

Does he want to look at it?

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She won't take an airplane for fear of a crash.

Len is the same age as I am.

You might not be able to see Swamy.

We have to update our teaching methods.

Do you often need to remind Sridharan to do stuff?

Sanjeev knows what's about to happen.

Am I being accused of murder?


She was impatient to know his address.


I remember laughing.

You're always singing.

I think I need therapy.

In case of fire, call 119.

Start at once, and you will be in time for school.


Violence must be eradicated.


Sridhar is in his bedroom doing his homework.

Why are you being mean to me?

Louise didn't ask any questions.

Enslavement is a crime against humanity.

Who is Arnold talking about?


You can't run my life.

I want coffee, toast, and jelly.

The great end of life is not knowledge but action.

His English is excellent.

I was sentenced to three years for robbery.

Convincing Dory to do the right thing was hard.

Have you seen my glasses?


Don't do anything crazy.

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His office is located in the center of the town.


I'll take care of your kitten while you're gone.

I don't need to wear a tie where I work.

You have to sit in the back.

Stewart doesn't travel as much as Jean-Christophe does.

He's writing a long letter.

I left my address book in my room.

Duke is seriously considering packing his job in.

Del gave us all the money he had on him.

It was very likely just a mistake.

It's best to let me handle it.

Teachers should occasionally let their students blow off some steam.

Meehan was shot and killed in front of the restaurant he owned.

Only about 15 per cent of people with autism are in the workforce, mainly because people are so judgemental about them.


Are you expecting someone?

The washing machine is on "stop".

Harry turned himself in.

I used to live in Kobe.

We must balance our budget.

There's still work to be done.

It might be a wedding.

He's a good kisser.

Hirotoshi lost an earring.


I don't think anything will change.

Corey is living apart from his wife.

I am not satisfied with the result at all.

She is having dinner.

Ramsey congratulated Hector for her victory in the election.

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I am memorizing the national anthem.

You're crazy or what?

They elected me to the student class council.

The diver ran out of air and drowned.

They were very assertive.

You'd better go home now.

Keep your ideas to yourself.

It was Janet that broke the window yesterday.

That is quite possible.

I was tricked into doing it.

Where did you come up with that stuff?

I've never seen that before in my life.

I want to talk to you.

Blaine made a pilgrimage.

Coal, charcoal, coke and petroleum coke are used as fuels.

Which animal is small?

We are bored with the joke of professorial custom.


You must bring home to her the importance of the matter.

I'm trying to explain this to you so you can understand it.

Please don't look at your cellphone while we're eating.

It was rather easy for them.

Wayne hates to work late on Friday.

I didn't know why I wasn't supposed to go to that part of town.

Nou is the only one here that can speak French.

She designated their table with a wave of the hand.

Are there kids?

I didn't know you were here.

Himawan and Chet used to be friends.

I cannot look on anybody as a national hero with the exception of Shigeo Nagashima.

My grandpa believes that the moon landing was a hoax.

I've never seen Sabrina lose his temper before.

What do you intend to do from now on? Do you have an objective?


Yoga has many health benefits.

He was attacked as he was returning home late at night.

We should play golf sometime.

"How are you?" "I can't complain."

You don't have to do this anymore.

Rodent started working for us when he was only thirteen.

I'd like to find a job that I enjoy doing.

I can't quite understand.

I'll take you to school.

My leg cramped up as I ran down the stairs to catch a train, and I had to sit down right there in the middle of the stairway.

Innsbruck is looking rather lovely today.

Humor can be dissected, as a frog can, but the thing dies in the process and the innards are discouraging to any but the pure scientific mind.

I've had a slight sore throat since this morning. I wonder if I've caught a cold.

It has: it is in the heart of the Chinese people.

Statistics don't always tell the whole story.

I have to pay this bill today.

The heavy snow stopped the train from running on time.

Humans can't see ultraviolet light.

What did you eat for dinner?

There are three campgrounds in this area.

Why didn't you tell us there was a witness?


She's a Pisces.

Bertrand loves a good party.

Let's see if it happens.