Develop a Safer End-of-Day Process for Student Pick Ups

Every school has experienced chaos and confusion at the student pick up line. FetchKids organizes and streamlines the entire pick up process and makes things easier for everyone involved. Streamline how your students are dismissed with our school admin software:

Develop a Safer End-of-Day Process

No more headaches and frayed nerves as you eliminate parent frustration and ensure each student gets in the right car

Eliminate Traffic Jams and Unnecessary Delays

Knowing when a parent or authorized individual will be arriving keeps the pickup line humming along smoothly

Receive Last-Minute Scheduling Changes

Better late than never but knowing about last-minute changes in real time makes everyone happier.

How FetchKids Works

Manage pick ups through an easy-to-use website and enable parents and end-of-day staff to communicate pickup details at a moment’s notice:


Explore Solutions for Streamlining Student Pick Ups

FetchKids simplifies the entire process of end-of-day student pick-ups.

Enable Your End-Of-Day Staff to Instantly:

  • Receive last-minute pickup changes
  • Verify who is authorized to pickup students
  • Get alerts when the primary or authorized person is on the way

FetchKids is a win-win for everyone involved in coordinating student pick-ups at the end of the day. This easy system organizes the way in which students are released to their parents.

The FetchKids Process

Parents download the FetchKids app to communicate with school staff.   Afterschool monitors receive instant communications about parent arrival times or any change in designated pickup person. Schools manage the entire FetchKids system via an admin website.

FetchKids is guaranteed to improve the flow of traffic and the way that students are picked up at your school.


About FetchKids

After 25+ years as a school administrator, Stephen Bloodworth understood all too well the challenges schools face when trying to improve how students get picked up after school. For years, schools have struggled to create a safe, effective process for this extremely busy time of day.

All too often, a chaotic pick up process frustrates parents, school administrators and local residents alike. Stephen’s solution to afterschool mayhem is FetchKids.  The FetchKids system coordinates afterschool pick-ups using the best of today’s technology.

Parents download an app to communicate arrival times or last-minute changes with afterschool staff. Staff receive communications and verify authorized pick-ups on tablets or mobile phones and the entire system is administrated via a simple website.

Los Angeles-based Hollywood Schoolhouse was Stephen’s most recent administrative assignment. He served as Head of School for this pre-K through 6th grade independent school for 11 years.

Stephen earned a BA in Education at Nottingham University in the United Kingdom and completed postgraduate studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Use Your Cell to Arrange How You Pick Your Kids Up From School

The FetchKids App Coordinates End-of-Day Pick Up For You

Every parent knows the frustrations of picking up their children after school in a slow-moving, disorganized pickup line. Something always seems to come up with you or another parent to throw things off track, and any slight delay compounds the wait for parents towards the back of the line.

The FetchKids app is free to download. It is an easy-to-use mobile app that helps organize and streamline how kids are picked up after school.

The FetchKids Mobile App


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