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About us

Who we are and what we do...

Everyday new users are joining Musicality, the content storage & network platform for music. Why not join in and get your music fix?

Musicality is an organisation based in the UK, formed in early 2008 but with years of experience in the music scene in various different forms. Our reason for forming Is because we saw a gap in the market and felt there was a necessity to amalgamate the never ending social media options available to our prospective members.

Our Objective

The objective is to bring the common features of the clubbing world that provide regular happiness to millions of music lovers, integrated with some of the smaller underground features which are enjoyed in our members respective communities through our online music portal known as Musicality.

Not only are we making networking a huge possibility in the music scene, we are allowing Clubbers & party-goers access to local members of DJ's, Night Clubs & Bars, Producers, Promoters, Record Labels & Record Shops materials and of course providing all our members access to a wider audience to enhance their client base.

The Vision & Goal

Our long term plan is to provide a solid networking base for all registered members in the UK to work with. When this structure has been achieved we will have a framework in place to accommodate other markets such as Europe, Africa, Asia & eventually the Rest of the World.

We would always like to be in a position to accommodate our members needs no matter how big or small they are. So come and join us on this happy and exciting journey ahead.


Below a List of services that we provide


DJ's and DJ/Producers

Upload your mixes, mark and name your tracks, name the artists and record labels using the Marking Tool and create cover pages for your mixed CD's or podcast giving it the professional touch also create your own flyers and video flyers and events using your calendar.

Musicality Producer Services


Upload your latest production, network with DJ's, Promoters and Nightclubs to promote your tracks, increase your fan base and keep up to date with productions from other Producers in the community. 

Musicality Record Label Services

Record labels and Record shops

Upload your weekly music charts, upload samples of your best selling tracks, create events using your calendar, network with budding DJ's/Producers & Promoters and increase your fan base.

(229) 629-8446

All registered users

Have access to the very best influential individuals in the music industry, be the first to have access to the very best mixes and music charts trending locally mainstream and in the underground scene also have access to all the very best events promoted by our members.

Musicality Club Services

Night Clubs and Bars

Create Events using your calendar, control table reservations and advanced Guest list bookings, add mix recordings performed at your Nightclub or Bar.



Create your own flyers and video flyers, bookings, create events using the calendar and control your advanced Guest list, have access to the very best DJ's in our community and their content for potential future bookings.

price plans

Price plans to suit you and your profession

Micro Monthly      
DJ's £3.00  
DJ/Producer £4.50  
Standard £3.00  
Mini 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
DJ's £5.00 £13.50 £26.00 £50.00
DJ/Producer £7.50 £20.25 £39.00 £75.00
Producer £6.25 £17.00 £32.50 £62.50
Standard £5.00 £13.50 £26.00 £50.00
Premium 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
DJ's £10.00 £27.00 £52.00 £100.00
DJ/Producer £15.00 £40.50 £80.00 £150.00
Nightclub/Bar Owners £50.00 £135.00 £261.00 £504.00
Producer £12.50 £33.75 £65.00 £125.00
Promoter £50.00 £126.00 £261.00 £504.00
Record Labels/Shop Owners £25.00 £67.50 £130.00 £252.00
Standard £10.00 £27.00 £52.00 £100.00


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